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april smith

Perhaps you’ve never heard of April Smith — but if you tuned into MTV’s The Hills or Newport Harbor dramas you’ve no doubt toe-tapped to her grooves. I for one, have never seen either — but after checking out Smith’s MySpace page and listening to a few of her songs, I’ll be skipping the shows and buying the album. This is some brilliant tuneage.

Even better, Smith has just completed her first trek from New York to Chicago on her tour bus that she converted to run on vegetable oil. The bus’s new name? Mr. Belevadere. Instant-awesome. It’s all part of her “April Smith and The Great Picture Show” tour happening this summer. According to our source, the singer is very committed to reducing her band’s carbon footprint and educating her fans and other musicians about how they can do the same. Hey Sting, are you listening?

Smith’s next trip will be from NYC to Boston to perform in an upcoming show on 5/15 at Berklee Performance Center with Ingrid Michaelson and Ari Hest for a great organization called Music Inspires Health.

You can follow April’s progress on the veg-bus tour, play some of her latest music, and just discover more about this up and coming artist over on her MySpace page. Check out a video of one of Smith’s grooves after the jump.

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  • Monica E. G.

    I saw april and the band live @ the saint in asbury park-
    they blew me away..
    they rOcKK!!!!!!! :]

  • Tim Weber

    Ape, I’ll love you forever!


  • Nadia

    oh my gosh thank u 4 this website…i have to do a article 4 journalismm and this is just what i need!!!!

  • Jennifer

    Wow! Way to go April! Her music is awesome too, thanks for passing it along!

  • Sarah I.

    April I’m so proud of you!! You rule!!!

  • damian White

    april and I are married by common law…hehehe not really…

    When ur around her, she leaves this impression like she was never there (carbon wise)

    i can vouch for that!!!…

    however, if u know her, she touches your soul, more than u can imagine…now thats a footprint i want sticking around for a WHILE!

  • Chris O

    I am in the Ma area, we talked on fillup4free. I would like to hook up at Johnny D’s to get you some oil, shoot me an email The wife and I can’t wait to see you play