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The 2008 Humane Society Genesis Awards took place earlier this month, and Ecorazzi field reporter Anna Griffin was on the scene to chat up various attendees and get their impressions of the event. We’ll be posting various vids over the next couple days from the gala — as well as some earlier great interviews coming down the pipe.

I wanted to post Anna’s brief talk with LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa first because I understand there was some heat over his comments based on our first impressions after the event. Check it out below and feel free to chime in.

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  • Jennifer

    I don’t understand what the heat was about.

  • susie

    The heat was about the Mayor saying “we have the lowest low kill rate in the U S of A.” That is not true. We definitely don’t have the lowest low kill rate in the US. They’re still killing 22,000 animals just in the City of LA. The are killing 40% of cats and dogs. That’s now “low kill.”

  • Nancy D.

    Another reason for the heat is the Mayor’s office denied he said that. They said the journalist misheard what he said. No, she didn’t. She repeated what he said in the video. Our Mayor has a bad habit of lying to the press. Few months back he said the city won an award for saving more animals than any other shelter in the US. Not true. There are many shelters that adopt out more animals AND the City never won an award. The Mayor just gave a certificate of appreciation to himself!

  • Ed Muzika

    Villaraigosa is knowingly abetting Boks’ lying about LAAS being #1 in low kill. Actually, being a dickwad, AV said LA was the lowest low kill; I guess that can be interprested as being the worst in low kill.

    The lowest kill shelters in cites with a population of 750,000 or above is San Francisco, with less than half the kill RATE of LA.

    It seems every 6 months or so, Boks and Villaraigosa make some outrageous claim. Eight months ago, Villa and Boks claimed to be the largest adoption agency in the Coubtry. It turned out the were three larger.

    Get used to it: Almost everyone in animal sheltering lies about their stats, and everyone in politics lies at least 50% of the time.

    See my blog. I expose their lies.

  • Manny

    Originally the reporter said the Mayor said “we have the lowest nokill rate” when he actually said “we have the lowest low-kill rate.” Either way it’s totally untrue. Euthanasia was at 41%. It’s gone up 24% in just the last year. We are far from being low or nokill.