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josh dorfmanWe were more than a little bummed when we found out that Josh Dorfman and his Lazy Environmentalist radio show was leaving the air as part of the LIME Sirius satellite radio network. Josh’s show gave voice and exposure to thousands of individuals, companies, and organizations attempting to make a difference for the planet.

Of course, he also has a popular book out in stores (and one in development), a successful sustainable furniture business named Vivai, many speaking engagements, and a calendar. Yes, a friggin’ 365 “Go Green” calendar based on the ‘Lazy’ brand. How cool is that?

So, we knew it was only a matter of time before ‘Lazy’ made its impact somewhere else — and we’re happy to say that Sundance Channel’s THE GREEN will be the new home of our favorite practical environmentalist. For Season 3, Sundance will premiere The Lazy Environmentalist with Josh Dorfman as a regular series revolving around green issues and cool new eco-friendly products.

After speaking with Josh last weekend, the radio show may also find rebirth through a yet unnamed partner. We’re hopeful this “Ryan Seacrest of the green world” continues growing his empire through as many media outlets as possible. We recently sent him five questions to answer about the future — and if a musical version of his show might be in the works. Check out his responses after the jump.

What can I do to remember to bring with me reusable cloth bags to the supermarket?

Tie a smaller, more convenient reusable bag like a Baggu Bag around your wrist as a reminder.

Will you openly challenge Bill Nye the Science Guy to a duel on your new show? If so, will you use rapiers or muskets?

Sure. We’ll use biodegradable, straw beach mats and whack each other on the head until he screams “Global Warming is not a conspiracy!” It’ll be part of our real estate episode on buying future oceanfront property in Arizona.

When can we expect The Lazy Environmentalist musical?

Probably in 2011. I’m still finalizing the song list for my first musical, Menachim and the Dancing Shiksas, which is based on the life and times of Irving Berlin.

What is a Yonker?

Yonker? I hardly know her.

After television, what’s next?

I’ll run for public office. I hear so many environmentalists saying that to effect change we all have to vote. I’m not entirely sure that’s true, but since I hear fewer environmentalists saying that to effect change we all have to watch tv, maybe they know something I don’t.

For more green laziness, check out the official website here.

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  • Remy Chevalier

    Josh Dorfman probably wouldn’t be such a bad guy had he not been so dismissive and complacent of nuclear power as an environmental issue.

    He grew up in Weschester County, near the Indian Point nuclear power plant, at a time when few people were paying much attention to all the problems related to nuclear energy. Out of sight, out of mind.

    It wasn’t on his youthful green radar. The nuclear industry was quietly using text books to brainwash students like himself into beleiving nuclear power was clean and green, the solution to global warming, while the anti-nuclear movement was tired, broke, sleeping at the switch.

    Josh’s vision of a green world on his radio show has completely excluded the nuclear debate. Not a sexy issue I guess. 59% of Treehugger readers are in favor of nuclear energy as a solution to global warming, or climate change, or whatever the word du jour is.

    It’s because Treehugger readers don’t know any better. They haven’t reconnected with the thousands of older anti-nuclear activists who have witnessed first hand the horrors of nuclear energy, uranium mining, the insidious effects of radiation poisoning, the ridiculous cost of managing a situation totally out of control, the corruption!

    Josh wants green to be simple, sweet, easily consumable. He might be bridging a gap between those who couldn’t care less and those who care just a little. But it’s a little too little too late.

    There’s a new trend now, it’s been coined New Wave Environmentalism, and his buddies at Treehugger just blogged about it. Maybe it’s time for Josh to follow the lead of his friend and colleague Simran Sethi, and give Indian Point a close second look, help us sell a gazillion LED bulbs to make up the 2000Mw of electricity Indian Point generates.

    If only as not to make liars out of his Riverkeeper socialite friends, who claim they want to shut down Indian Point, yet horde all the resources away from the grassroots, and then do nothing, or not much!

  • Waylon Lewis

    Nice thoughtful comment, Remy. Keepin’ it real, and helping the rest of us to do the same. Seems from what little I know, the big probelm with nuclear power is 1. it’s unnecessary, if we put same resources into solar, wind, tidal… 2. it’s dangerous and subject to terrorism, leaks, etc. 3. disposal–there’s no good cradle-to-cradle responsible solution to the issue of disposal.

    I wish Josh big luck in getting the good Green Word out to the eager-to-learn Masses–he’s the ecoLeno!



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