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The New York City-based Go Green Expo had its Big Apple debut this past weekend at the Hilton New York. The green weekend kicked off with an inaugural awards gala which included a runway fashion show featuring eco-wear by Maggie Norris, a former designer for Ralph Lauren. Host Nigel Barker of America ’s Next Top Model auctioned several couture pieces – topping at $7,000 – benefiting Riverkeeper’s Amazon Conservation Association. Award recipients included Congressman Steve Israel, Captain Planet Foundation’s Laura Turner Seydel, Live Earth Founder Kevin Wall and NYT best-selling author David Bach for their individual contributions to the green movement this year. Celebs in attendance included the always-stunning actress Sissy Spacek, model Lauren Bush, Playboy model Lindsey Vuolo and TV personality Pat Mitchell.

The weekend continued with a three-floor, green-living and sustainability event including vendor booths, panels and film screenings. Goodies ranged from bamboo-clothing by Carole Wang to green printers, ride-share companies, bags, jewelry, cosmetics, to organic foods and beverages like Sobe. Many of the products featured boasted free-trade production.

One of the most notable extra-curriculars was the Fields of Fuel, film screening chronicling Josh Tickell’s U.S. road-trip in a “Veggie-Van” fueled by vegetable oil from fast-food eateries. He also breaks down green energy and major myths and misconceptions. Who knew (aside from Josh) that Rudolf Diesel, who created the first diesel engine, had designed it to run on vegetable oil, not petroleum?! To call this film eye-opening would be a great understatement. Despite its current grass-roots marketing effort I would confidently put all bets on this powerful, film as a shoe-in for the next Best Documentary Oscar. “Fields of Fuel” already won the Audience Choice Award at the Sundance Film Festival. The inspirational Josh Tickell took park in Q&A with expo-goers and has been working on this film for almost 10 years and has loved inspiring others. Check out a clip of the movie here or visit the official site at

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