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Word circulating the gossip rags today is that Mariah Carey’s massive rock (courtesy of her new engagement to Nick Cannon) is actually the same ring that Cannon used to propose to his previous GF Selita Ebanks.

People are calling it “tacky!” and “unbelievable!” — but through our green-tinted glasses, it’s a score for the eco world and an impressive display of recycling. You go Mariah!

Photo courtesy of allieiswired

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  • Emmieb

    it’s possible to recycle without giving your new fiance the EXACT SAME RING (complete with emotional baggage) that you gave your last fiance. It’s called Estate Jewelry.

  • The Go Green Blog

    LOL…Mariah is a joke. I would never take an engagement ring that was meant for someone else. But I guess with green goggles on it’s okay.

  • jones

    look closer. those are not the same rings. similar. mariahs is small with diamonds around the center stone. the other which was reported at 15 million is a large single.

  • Da Baddest

    Those are not the same rings!! Anyone with eyes can see that. Damn why do people have to hate so hard on Mariah. Some of yall better pray that one day someone will give yall a rock like that…Hating ass bitches!!!

    • Babybaghead

      I totally agree with you!! People are sooooo eager to hate that they cannot even see that the rings are different.

  • Shamon

    I agree. It doesn’t seem to be the same ring when you really look at them. There are some similarities, but not the same ring.

  • Renee

    Get LIVES, people…and Fast.

  • big mama

    not the same thing

  • Chassidy

    Just stopped by, nice post!

  • http://googlsearch carla

    all you people that are being complete idiots about it just leave them alone you little losers!! they are in love and that is not ur problem, it’s theirs. you’ll probably only get as far as hanholding so get lost you little mongoles

  • http://googlesearch carla

    all u lot that r being mean get lost,get a life and leave nick and mariah alone!!

  • annomous

    its obvious that they are different cause mariah’s has pink diamonds surrouding the white diamond and is slightly smaller than his ex’s ring. Plus his ex’s ring in an all white diamond