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Remember a couple months ago when Ecorazzi told you about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daily 380 mile jet commute to and from work? We took a poll and 77 percent of our readers said that Arnold needed to start walking the walk and give up the damn jet already. Well now it looks like he might just have no choice.

Santa Monica — the city Arnold flies into each day — is fighting to eliminate the landing of all jets in their small, local airport that was originally designed for propeller plains only. The ban would apply to jets that land at speeds of 120 knots (138 miles an hour) or faster which city leaders fear aren’t safe for some residents that live nearly 300 feet away. The FAA disagrees saying, “The airport’s 5,000-foot runway is safe and there’s never been a jet accident.”

This isn’t the first time the city of Santa Monica and the FAA have fought over the aiport and Santa Monica might even have plans to shut down the airport down entirely in 2015 when their contract with the FAA expires.  

True, if the ban passes Arnold would probably just take a helicopter to work instead of relocating or finding a more eco sensitive means of transportation, but at least jet traffic would decrease overall.  The judge is set to rule on May 15th, so stay close! We’ll bring you more information as we learn it!