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Ed note: This post comes to us from our new west coast contributor, the fabulous Tracy Metro. Check out her awesome website here.

Green heiress and holistic expert, Anna Getty, has apparently deemed May Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM) since it’s the month most often associated with mothers and fertility… I mean… Mother’s Day DOES fall in this month, after all! To kick it off on May 1st, Anna hosted a laid-back PAM shindig in honor of mothers and expecting mothers at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles. I was there and was happy to see quite a few eco-minded celebrity moms (and even a few dads) in attendance.

Fresh out of the stirrups toting along 7 week old son, Braden, Melissa Joan Hart told the Razz that her drug-free birth was made possible with the help of hypno-birthing classes. However, she said “natural childbirth isn’t right for everyone.” Hart may make no judgments on how you get the kid out… but I’d like to ask that to a few woman as they are actually pushing an 11 lb bowling ball through their vajayjays.

The very sexy Brooke Burke credits her trés hot post-pregnancy body to her very own line of belly wraps, called Baboosh Baby. Apparently, everyone around the world wraps their bellies after pregnancy except US mommies. Brook says “it’s an age old concept” that wasn’t being represented in the US, so she started the line in 2007.

Diane Farr, expectant mommy of twins and star of NUMB3RS, shared with the Razz that before she purchases her next car to tote around the impending brood, she and Dr Paul Song (Lisa Ling’s husband) are trying to figure out how much radiation is emitted from hybrid car batteries. Oy, as if I wasn’t paranoid enough! My husband and I each have a Prius, so she better find out soon!

Keep reading to see photos and find out who else showed up!

Anna secretly divulged that she is a bit “obsessed with Al Gore!” and that she’s “on a mission to serve his mission.” The event was a bit of a family affair when Anna’s brother, Balthazar Getty, star of Brothers and Sisters showed up. He too, is a greenie and explained that he doesn’t feel the need to “wear a green shirt” to be environmental. “Just do what you do,” he says.

Lastly, I must say, Ecorazzi got quite a nice reception from model and last season’s Dancing with the Stars cast-off, Josie Maran. “I LOVE Ecorazzi!” she professed. Well, this reporter loves HER, as she gave me samples of her new line of paraben and petrochemical free makeup, aptly named Josie Maran . Might I suggest the ladies try out the cream blush, which is, of course, sold in corn-derivative packaging? Now that’s what I call being naturally beautiful!

To learn more about Pregnancy Awareness Month or to see their great sponsors, go to the official site here.

  • Jennifer Berry

    Wow, I didn’t realize there are so many cool new things out there for mothers, and mothers-to-be. I had never even heard of “hypno-birthing” classes. But I gotta agree with this Tracy Metro, if I was pushing an 11 pound bowling ball out of my vajay, I would be next in line at the pharmacy counter!

  • Jessica

    I had a 9.5 lb baby naturally. It wasn’t so bad. Its not really the vagina that hurts during delivery, so the size of the baby going through it doesn’t make a difference. Its the contractions that hurt, and your uterus does that the same no matter what size of baby is in it. But then again, it might have hurt if my son had been a pound and half heavier. I don’t know.
    I wish I would have known about that belly wrapping thing before I had my son. Five months later and my tummy still looks like a sharpei puppy. Yuck!

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  • sarahr

    How about dedicating August to awareness of the ingredients put into beauty products? Everyone is buying these “organic” cosmetics from the big name brands, when they actually contain very harmful ingredients & toxins. I have dedicated my website, to truly pure natural organic beauty products & do the research for you!