I’ll tell you this: Sting loves him some rainforest. In fact, for almost two decades Sting has been an eco-champion for the environment, and will celebrate his 20 years with Some Kinda Legacy — a benefit concert at Carnegie Hall to raise money for the Rainforest Foundation.

The Rainforest Foundation was started in the late 80’s by Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler as an environmental crusade to protect the rainforest. However, like all longstanding organizations the foundation has grown and now Sting considers it, “a human rights organization more than anything else.”

In the last two decades the annual Rainforest Foundation benefits have raised 25.8 million dollars and this year they’re goal is to make at least 2 million dollars more. After the performance The Plaza Hotel will host a local and organic dinner along with a live auction to help take in even more dough.

The concert takes place on May 8th at 7pm and feature performances by Sting (duh), James Taylor, Billy Joel, Brian Wilson, and many other legendary musicians. Tickets are $175 to $400 and you can purchase them at CarnegieHall.org. So get your seat and help save the rainforest yo!!

thanks: bloomberg.com

  • buzzzz

    you mean James Taylor….

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  • http://www.lumag.com Remy Chevalier

    This hurts, you know? Sting, the Grateful Dead, 20 years and hundreds of benefits later… If we save the planet from global warming the way we saved the Brazilian rainforest, we may as well just pack it in. If we’re really going to save the planet, and not just host strings of socialite benefits, then we need to come up with something different. Survival tends to make man do strange things… I’d hate to be 20 years old today contemplating what the International political landscape will be 50 years from now, when water, food and oxygen runs out, and the biosphere threatens total collapse. Face it, Marlyn Manson is probably right, we need a global green eco-fascist police force, with sustainable fabric uniforms by Jean-Paul Gautier, Thierry Mugler and Alexander McQueen. Better that than 150.000 American boys littering the Middle East with depleted uranium shells!

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