by Michael Parrish DuDell
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I know it’s strange that I’m vegan and my very, very favorite show in the history of the world is Top Chef, but what are you gonna do? True, I squirm a little every time someone says veal demi glace or uses foie gras, but my love of cooking and the chefs creativity keeps me glued each and every week. In fact, (and I’m a little embarrassed to admit this) Top Chef is the only show in my 25 years of living that I’ve watched every single episode of for all four seasons. So you can imagine how starstruck I was when I heard that head judge Tom Colicchio took part in Taste of the Nation Atalanta to help raise money for Share Our Strengths.

Share Our Strengths is an organization that weaves together community groups, activists and food programs to reduce the hunger amongst children in need and provide them with nutritious meals.

The event was held at the Georgia Aquarium and featured gourmet food from 50 of Atlanta’s best restaurants. There was also a live auction that offered a top prize of dinner for 11 at the winner’s home. Rumor has it the bidding got so high that midway through the chefs changed the number from 11 to 14 and Ted Turner, honorary chairperson for the event, offered to match the top bid. By the end, the dinner ended up going for 17,000 dollars which went straight to Share Our Strengths.

Now I know that the evening was full of foods that many of us would consider “not very green”, and yeah, I wish the mainstream culinary world would recognize vegetarian cooking a little more, but the point is that a group of chefs donated their time to help raise money for a bunch of people who really need it. And we can’t forget that animal rights includes all animals…including humans. So comment if you will with threats of vegetarian treason, but like the contestants on Top Chef who stand by their dish, this guy stands by his post.

  • ami

    i have a fantasy that an episode of top chef would have the chefs challenge be to prepare a raw vegan dish! a girl can dream.

  • parrish

    Remember the episode when they had to shop at the local market to make an all raw dish? True it wasn’t vegan and if I remember correctly there were about 3 different carpaccios, but at least they were almost there. I’m totally shocked that there hasn’t been at least one vegan/vegetarian challenge yet. I mean last week they cooked the tofu in rendered beef fat. Come on!

  • oakling

    he IS kind of stealth-awesome! I’m surprised Ecorazzi didn’t cover the episode where Andrew made raw “sushi” for a healthy food challenge and talked about how he had a background in nutrition and was really into raw food….