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Though she continues to plug bottled water, Jennifer Aniston is making plans to add some green into her life (beyond the three-minute showers she enjoys) with the construction of an eco-friendly pad in Malibu, California.

According to sources, Aniston was inspired by Julia Robert’s recently completed eco-home and now wants one for her own. We’re also going to chalk up some potential influence from her man of the moment, John Mayer. This is the same guy that invented a “laid-back” approach to environmentalism; one in which it’s ok to drive an SUV if you offset that by doing something good for the planet; like taking reusable bags to the grocery store or installing solar panels on your roof.

According to Star Magazine, the home will feature a solar-heating system, drought-resistant plants, all organic materials, plus an ocean view. Said the source, “Jen wants to help the environment and she has the money.”

I’m all for these green additions — but in terms of helping the environment, perhaps she could do a lot more to convince her Smart Water brand to go greener. It’s not realistic to suggest she drop it — that won’t happen — but truly, she could have some impact encouraging the company to be more sustainable. Biodegradable bottles? Offsets? Portion of sales going towards an environmental charity?

What do you think about Jen’s green home plans?

National Ledger via Green Daily

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  • Rachel (From UK)

    I am a huge fan of Jens and the environment and am thrilled to hear her talking about it. I think the environment is very important and the more people tht help towards it the better off we all will be.

  • Jennae Petersen

    Like I say with all celebrities, I’m glad to see her making a conscious effort to reduce her carbon footprint. True, she could be greener, but couldn’t we ALL really be greener? The fact is that whenever someone as influential as Jennifer Aniston makes a move toward being greener, it has the potential to influence thousands, and even millions, of others to follow suit. So keep up the good work, Jen.

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  • George

    Jennifer isn’t the only one who can afford a solar home!

  • ben

    funny she wasn’t eco-friendly until she got axed by brad and the rest of the celebrity world is jumping on the charity/environment/adoption bandwagon to revive their careers. if there is a positive outcome to this recent trend of celebrities pretending to be do-gooders that’s great. but it’s hard to believe there is a genuine altruistic motives when it’s someone as self-centered as jennifer aniston.

  • Joanna

    There’s nothing ec-friendly about seeing someone else’s house and wanting it for yourself. And since when does taking your own bags to the grocery store offset driving an SUV? Let’s all try to do the best we can for the environment without blabbing about how great we are. And what’s wrong with drinking tap water?

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