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If you’ve watched even one episode of America’s Next Top Model then you most certainly know “noted fashion photographer” Nigel Barker. But what you probably don’t know is that Nigel is involved with about about a bazillion great charities that span across the board, and most recently helped try to stop the brutal seal hunt in Canada.

Nigel recently held is 36th birthday in NYC — which was attended by friends and family, including some peeps from the HSUS, The Make A Wish Foundation, The Edeyo Foundation and other great organizations — and used the opportunity to help raise a little cash for the people of Haiti.

On Nigel’s blog he says:

As many of you know many in Haiti have been reduced to eating patties made of mud, oil and sugar to curb hunger pains brought on by surging food prices. I have a trip planned to Haiti with the Charity Edeyo where we plan to bring food and document in the form of photos and film the travesty that is unfolding 45 minutes flight off the US shores. Friends of mine donated over $1000.00 the night of my birthday for the people of Haiti. If you too would like to do something to help please go to and make a donation.

So by all means, get thee to and give a little dough. Also, don’t forget to check out Nigel’s blog!

  • Remy Chevalier

    The Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maxime Bernier, is Haitian, has been spending quite a bit of there.
    Has Nigel met with her?

  • robin

    Look, I’m as much pro-Nigel Barker as the next person… I’ve spent many a procrastinating Sunday staring at an antm marathon loving life and fashion. However, it seems sorta convenient to me that this post is up after the hullabaloo of the “suspicious” clubbing seals/antm meat shoot post that he responded too.

    Perhaps this is a bit of post-foot in mouth syndrome? I like your style in general, ecorazzi. But this seems like blatant ass kissing. Other than that– Happy Birthday Nigel! I sure do appreciate you and your “billion” other philanthropic acts!!!111

  • parrish

    Robin- Way to be up on the latest! Only a true Ecorazzi fan would remember stuff like that. Here’s the answer: after the Nigel thing he and I spoke on email a bit and I learned a little more about the stuff he was involved with. Then I checked out his blog (which is packed full of eco-friendly, animal rights happy, wonderful, activism stuff) and added it to my “story list” of green/celebrity gossip websites I
    check on a weekly basis (the list is packed with over 75 sites).

    So last week when I saw the birthday post on the blog I thought that it would be a good, original thing to cover. Don’t get me wrong, I still wildly detest that episode of ANTM and my viewership has dropped considerably since then, but at Ecorazzi we try to be as “fair” as possible. If a celeb does something shady we tell you about it. If a celeb does something awesome we tell you about that too.

    But I get what your saying and it was definitely on my mind
    when I wrote the post. Good call and keep keeping me on my toes!