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I know, I know — more Pamela Anderson news. But what can we say, this chick keeps doing awesome things!

This weekend Pamela Anderson held a “garage sale” to clear out some unwanted items from her rented Malibu home.  Among the products sold were broken light bulbs, a hot pink butt blaster exercise machine, various children’s toys and oh yeah…HER LINGERIE!!!! Pam also parted with a new golf car, several chocolate fondue fountains (cause who needs more than 2) and a flat screen TV. 

All of the proceeds from the event went to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — an organization that Pam has supported for years.  And proceeds, there were plenty! Fans of the former Baywatch star waited hours to purchase some of her left over crap, and one potential buyer said,  “I just wanted to see how rich people live.”

So yeah, maybe I think it’s a little crazy that people would buy another person’s broken light bulbs, but raising money is raising money and this little lady sure knows how to do it!  Go Pam!


  • Kristen’s Raw

    Go Pam – truly. Her energy and enthusiasm certainly can motivate people :)

  • Scott

    I was there and found another sex tape hidden in her drawers!

  • erin

    What a Brainy Blonde she truly is. I like this woman more and more.. Really. Sadly all the other news outlets who reported on this story didn’t mention the proceeds went to Peta.

    Pam is cool..

    :) E