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Looks like Lindsay Lohan is knee deep in coat controversy after an $11,000 fur coat (gross) went missing from a New York City hotspot earlier this year.

Here’s the deal: Masha Markova (aka Cruella de Vil) owned this super posh, super cruel, $11,000 dollar blond mink coat. So Masha decided to wear it to a friend’s birthday party — because fur is soooooooo cool (written with the utmost sarcasm) — but when she went to retrieve her pelt of glory it had mysteriously vanished. Turns out Lindsay Lohan just happened to be at the same party and also just happened to be photographed later that evening wearing an $11,000 blond mink coat. Oops!

Anyway, Masha saw the pictures, was totally pissed and wanted bloody revenge, so she called her lawyer and threatened to take legal action. Long story short — all of a sudden the club called Markova and was all like, ” Oops sorry. Umm we have your coat if you want it back”, and returned it to her smelling of booze and cigarettes and with a tear in the lining, but offering no further explanation. So NOW Markova is REALLY pissed and is demanding Lohan pay her a $10,000…get this..”rental fee” for “borrowing” the coat.

Wait! First off, what the hell is Lindsay doing wearing fur anyway when just a couple months ago Ecorazzi spotted Lohan with an anti-fur button? Fur’s not a very flip-floppy issue, you’re either for it or against it. And yes it’s wrong to steal or “borrow” or “rent” without permission, but who spends $11,000 bucks on a fur coat and then charges a $10,000 rental fee? I’m sorry poor little miss thing lost her precious coat, but only a little sorry because she sounds like a tool and if you can’t already tell by my blatant editorial eye rolls…I THINK FUR SUCKS! In conclusion, it’s unfortunate that Lindsay’s back in fur, but hey, maybe she was trying to confiscate it for PETA. Anyone?

  • B.F.D.

    Not that I’m defending those that wear fur (because I think it is terrible), but I did hear (from other gossip blogs) that the fur coat was Masha’s grandmother’s, and that her grandmother gave it to her as a family heirloom kind of thing. I think that’s why she wanted it back so badly, not because she had just spent $11,000 on it, but because it was more important to her than just a fur coat.

  • Carmen

    Did the fur-coat incident occur before or after the button? Remember, you said, “Earlier this year” so maybe she changed her mind in that space? Maybe?

  • Jennae Petersen

    This whole controversy is pitiful on so many levels. Of course fur is cruel, so that’s a definite No No, but even in general, the situation is mind-boggling.
    Why does Lindsay Lohan, who is rolling in dough, feel the need to steal anything, much less a fur coat? We know from experience that she tends to experience moments of impaired judgment (maybe “moments” is being too nice), but this one takes the cake. Somebody, please inject some sense into the heads of these pop princesses.

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  • Jennae Petersen

    Oh, and by the way, I just love how relevant the contextual AdSense ads are. “Rabbit Fur Coat. Bargain Prices. Smart Deals. Save on Rabbit Fur Coat!” I know it’s not ecorazzi’s fault because that’s just the way AdSense works, but it kind of negates the whole point of being anti-fur.

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  • Carla

    I totally agree- fake fur looks just the same! I don’t even think it looks that nice. And knowing an animal has been killed to make it…well. I don’t think I could live it down :S
    Great site.

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