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cindy crawfordModel Cindy Crawford has been making the television rounds — most notably on today’s The View — and is spreading awareness of her involvement in the “Thirsty of Change” campaign. Crawford designed her own eco-chic reusable water bottle — with all proceeds from the sales going towards Children’s Safe Drinking Water; a program which is dedicated to providing safe drinking water to impoverished children around the world.

We’ve had some people asking where they can purchase the bottle — and we can honestly say that the campaign does not make it easy. Neither the charity nor the PUR site have any direct links to the purchasing page, so we had to do some hoop jumping to find what we were looking for.

So, if you’re wanting to quench your thirst for some helpful change, hit the purchasing page for Crawford’s official bottle here.

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  • Maddie B.

    I just saw the tail end of the interview but it always seems these celebrities are promoting products for their own opportunistic reasons and not really knowledgeable on the issues.

    Why go with coated aluminum anyway. When I researched which style to go with I ended up choosing stainless steel bottles because there is no plastic coating on the inside of these bottles. We went with Klean Kaneen with no regrets.

    I bought ours online at but you can get them on a number of sites including Amazon.