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Which one doesn’t fit: boys kissing girls, girls kissing boys, boys kissing boys, girls kissing girls, eco-friendly parental figure kissing Mother Earth? While the last choice might have stood out more than Lindsay Lohan in a stolen fur coat, it was actually a trick question! They all have one thing in common…GOSSIP GIRL!!!

True, the first thing you think of when you hear Gossip Girl is probably a bunch rich, horny, young people doing scandalous deeds against the balmy backdrop of a perfect NYC. However, like all actors, when the camera turns off they’re all just a bunch of normal people doing regular old things. And nowadays being regular means GOING GREEN!!!

Industry vet and Gossip Girl regular Kelly Rutherford recently told US magazine that she’s officially gone green. That’s right, Kelly and her husband are building an eco-house complete with denim insulation, earth-friendly lighting, and all the other bells and whistles you might expect in eco-architechture. And what inspired the change? None other than her brand new 18-month-old baby. Kelly said, “You think: Wow, they come in so pure, you want to keep it that way.”

Kelly isn’t the first celeb to develop green baby inspiration. In fact, in the past few months Ecorazzi has told you all about the maternal environmental awakenings of stars like Julia Roberts and Melissa Joan Hart. But you don’t need a bun in the oven to get serious about the environment. Just throw on that organic cotton shirt, hop in your solar powered car and head down to the local used bookstore and pick up one of the many inspirational green books now available.  I mean if the Gossip Girls are doing it, it must be cool. Right?

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  • Emmieb

    while I’m happy for her — why is it always taking motherhood? Don’t you want a pure place in which this baby is created?

  • Jennae Petersen

    I can understand why she would say that. I wasn’t as environmentally conscious as I am now when my daughter was born. But now that I know better, I have begun to green my home and lifestyle in all the ways I know how. Not just to jump on the green bandwagon, but to geniunely protect the Earth and give my children a safer environment to live in. And trust me when I tell you I already have all of my green nursery furnishings picked out for the next one (all of my daughter’s old baby stuff has been donated and given away).

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