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They make purses covered in fur?! As CelebWarship put it, “How many puppies died to make that thing?” Seriously — not only is this thing fugly as all hell, but you could fit a small army inside it.

Sick, man, just sick.

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  • Mel

    Murder-bag anyone? Does she even know what the materials are? Even if it says it’s synthetic, I don’t trust it. All cotton and hemp for me, thanks!

  • Tom Bowling

    I think she is carrying her sister in there.

  • Jennae Petersen

    Wow! That’s all I can say. I was thinking exactly the same thing….how many animals died to make that hideous thing?! And lol @Tom Bowling!

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  • Sara

    Oh my god. I cannot believe that doesn’t even phase her! What would she say if you asked her why she likes to torture animals? Seriously, how can she even respond to that?

  • Emmieb

    “At least I didn’t skin a poodle to make my backpack”… that line will never be funny to me again.

    Mary-Kate is sooooo the trashy sister.

  • erin

    Love the comment about carrying her sis in there ;) Not only is the bag ugly it’s just so… wrong.

    Does she actually claim it’s synthetic? I know the sisters do wear fur coats and love the Mock site Peta did on them ;)

    Hopefully they learn. Sadly they were raised in the “industry” which isn’t always very ethical at all :(


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  • Pu Yu

    big bag but look at guy next to MK…. bag isn’t enormous, it’s big but MK is just tiny

  • anonymous

    sorry but i thinik this bag is beautiful
    and i dont give a shit how many chinchillas died to make it
    i want it.