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flowerWe’ve pretty much reached the saturation point in covering Jessica Alba’s green nursery plans. But just to cap it all off (and kudos to the media for promoting her eco-ambitions), Celebrity Baby Blog have posted a full scan from US Weekly of Alba’s completed baby room. They also have a nice list of almost everything inside and where to buy it. Her baby girl is due late May/early June. [Check it here…]

flowerAl Gore is once again under attack with claims that he’s pushing forward an “alarmist agenda” after he spoke on NPR’s Fresh Air. In the interview, Gore included the recent devastating Myanmar Cyclone in a list of current natural events that may be linked to Global Warming. The way media outlets like FOX and others have spun it, however, it sounds like he singled out only Myanmar as proof of climate change. You be the judge — have a listen to the radio clip here. [Part in question happens about the 27:20 mark]

flowerAttention Celebrities! The next-generation Toyota Prius will be unveiled at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show in January of next year. It’s expected to be a bit larger, but have lower emissions than the previous model and a few more MPGs. With a barrel of oil now trading above $125, this can’t come soon enough. [Read more…]

flowerActress Laura Dern recently hired Green Life Guru, a Los Angeles–based environmental-services company, to evaluate the eco-fitness of her house. She was advised on solar paneling and water filtration — but realized greening the home-front just wasn’t enough. Now, she and a bunch of other parents are working with the company to help eliminate chemical-ridden carpeting and pesticides at their children’s school and introduce composting and recycling programs. Groovy. [via TIME]

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  • Jennae Petersen

    I am in love with Jessica Alba’s nursery! I love NurseryWorks furniture, and I love that she has the consciousness to try to protect her baby from the toxic chemicals in so many baby products.

    Visit for eco-friendly home decor products and tips!