Paris has too many. DMX might have been too cruel. Michael Vick…well we all know how that story ended. Aren’t there any celebrities out there treatin’ Snoopy right? Enter Glenn Close

Glenn Close recently received a “Golden Bone” from for her role as co-founder of — an online store that offers high-end canine supplies while raising money for charity. Each time you purchase an item through a percentage of the total will be donated to a select dog charity of your choice. Some doggy-options are: Little Angels Pug RescueAnimal Rescue New Orleans,the ASPCA and many more. 

The site is also home to Glenn’s blog and a section called Lively Licks where Glenn interviews celebs like Mary Steenburgen, Ted Danson, Dan Zelman and Debra Messing about all things canine. “Our dogs love us and keep us laughing through good times and bad,” writes Close on her blog, “This blog is a tribute to all the fabulous dogs who trot and wag their way through our lives and to the people who they have so successfully trained.”

Close has several dogs herself and is known for bringing her “kids” to the set while shooting. Now I know some of you might be wondering if Glenn got her dogs from rescue shelters, so I did a little digging (no pun intended).  I couldn’t get word if any of her CURRENT dogs are from shelters, but she has a solid record of owning rescued dogs and she certainly supports some great rescue shelters!

So a big high five, Glenn, from me to you. Thanks for setting the example and doing them doggies right! 

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