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We all know how passionate Harrison Ford is about stopping deforestation in the Amazon, but might he also have found a way to incorporate those values into the latest Indiana Jones movie? If you’re interested in doubling up on that spoonful of conjecture, please, continue reading. 

You see, there’s a very interesting article up on MSNBC highlighting the real history of the sacred crystal skulls — basically the major plot point everything revolves around in Indy IV. In the jungles of Southern Mexico, there exists today the last unassimilated Mayas that still worship the skulls. According to priests, the idols have special powers, including “the ability to stave off sickness and deforestation in the rain forest” where the last Mayans still live.

While the movie may only focus on one of these skulls, supposedly there are 13 scattered about that were once used by the Ancient Mayans. According to legend, when the Mayan calendar reaches the end of its 5,126-year cycle on Dec. 21, 2012, all 13 skulls must be reunited and lined up together to prevent the world from falling off its axis. From the article,

“I personally feel that (the skulls) are coming out now because humanity needs the information, their energy and they have probably their own purpose why they’re coming out: to help us to create world peace,” said Joshua “Illinois” Shapiro, 53, a self-described Crystal Skull Explorer who makes a living touring and giving lectures.

So, with so much at stake, it makes sense that our favorite archaeological adventurer is getting involved to help save the day. Oh, and if anyone has one of these skulls up in their attic, please make sure it gets to the Mayans by 2012. With world peace such a pipe dream at the moment — and the rainforest getting chopped — we’ll believe anything that might make a difference! 


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