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Oh Pierce Brosnan, how you make my inner 50-year-old, post-menopausal, environmentalist woman swoon!

Recently, the James Bond star wrote a letter on his website praising some great environmental organizations and giving his readers a few self-practiced tips on ways they might transition into a more greener way of life.  Some of Pierce’s hints include: supporting local and organic food, using eco-friendly cleaning products around the house, compost, compost, compost and encouraging environmental education.

Pierce is no stranger to green living, having  donated over $1 million buckaroos to environmental organizations throughout the years.  In fact, Pierce was even eco-friendly before it was “cool” and was given an Environmental Leadership Award from the Green Cross organization in 1997.

To find out all of Pierce Brosnan’s tips on green living visit!

4 Responses to Pierce Brosnan Offers Tips On How You Can Go Green

  1. Anna says:

    Very good the Pierce Brosnan, is interested for surrounding.

  2. Brosnangirl says:

    great work from Mr.Brosnan,always on the move to make the world a better place!

    great job!
    greetz from Belgium

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