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What the Michael Vick is going on, you guys? On Friday, rapper DMX was arrested at his home in Cave Creek, Arizona on four felony drug possession charges and seven misdemeanor animal cruelty charges.

DMX is no stranger to animal drama, having faced a 1999 animal cruelty charge in Teaneck, New Jersey, that was dismissed after the performer agreed to record a series of public service announcements for an animal rights group. 

Most recently, police seized 12 pit bulls and pit bulls mixes this past August after receiving a tip the animals were being abused.  Officials also discovered the carcasses of three dogs that were partially buried and concluded that one of the dogs may have been burned.  At the time no arrest was made because, while the dogs were underfed and lacking water, there was no sign of dog fighting. Um…what?

This time around DMX WAS arrested and five pit bull mix puppies were taken from the property.  County Attorney Andrew Thomas said the rapper’s celebrity status will not play a role in how the case is treated. “We are handling this case as we would any other incident of alleged animal cruelty,” Thomas said.

Of course this incident comes far too soon after the now infamous Michael Vick Dog-Fighting Extravaganza, and while I don’t much care for jumping to conclusions…it ain’t lookin too good!  Stay tuned Ecorazzi readers for more updates as we get them!