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Are you vegan/vegetarian? Are you very/kinda rich? Well if you answered yes to both of those questions then keep on reading (if you didn’t, don’t worry, you can keep reading too).

Documentary filmmaker Eric Prescott in association with the International Humanities Center and the Boston Vegan Association is trying to produce I’m Vegan, a “series of short documentary profiles featuring vegans from all walks of life, produced with an eye toward addressing preconceived notions about vegans and veganism”.

In the documentary Prescott hopes to spotlight vegans from all walks of life as they go about their daily business — all of which will be edited around the central narrative of an interview that provides the structure and the context to counter negative stereotypes of vegans and veganism.

Now let’s talk cash! The total budget is $25,000 and so far only $3,435 dollars has been raised (roughly 15 percent).  Ouch! So if you’ve got a few bucks laying around (or a few thousand) and want to help produce a film spotlighting the awesomeness of the vegetarian way of life, visit to get more information and help donate.  

Come on Ecorazzi readers —  let’s get this thing made!


  • Jaxin

    I am so pleased to see this project featured on Ecorazzi! Thank you!

    As a friend of Eric’s I can assure you he is a true and committed vegan, and will most definitely do the vegan community justice with this documentary.

    And concerning raising funds to get this documentary made, remember the words of Edmund Burke:

    “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.” ;)

  • parrish

    And I’M happy there’s a project like this that we can feature! I can’t wait to see it one day!

  • Eric Prescott

    Thanks for featuring I’m Vegan at Ecorazzi, Parrish.

    I just wanted to clarify for readers that the $3,435 raised so far is toward the $22,000 “tipping point” goal at The Point (that’s where the 15% comes from). Before I set up my campaign at The Point, I had privately raised $3,000 toward the $25,000 budget.

    In other words, we are actually 26% of the way toward shooting this baby, so don’t be discouraged, dear readers! We are a fourth of the way there. Your pledge at The Point will help me get this project in front of the camera this Fall. And, at The Point, your credit card will not be charged unless the tipping point is reached.

    If you prefer to donate with a check, please get in touch with me at eric AT ananimalfriendlylife DOT com. I’ll give you the address and payee info. Note that the BVA is a program of the International Humanities Center, a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.

  • MaryF

    VegSeattle and the Northwest Animal Rights Network aired a series of t.v. ads showing `normal’ people who are vegetarians.

    “This was the FIRST EVER sustained television advertising campaign promoting vegetarianism and veganism! Beginning May 25th, 2003, six VegSeattle Public Service announcements began airing on cable networks going out to over 157,000 Seattle-area households. View the PSAs below, or contact us at for more information.”

  • Inga Ambrosia

    I’m going to put some info on my blog to help raise some funds. Good Luck!!

    Sounds like a project that needs to be supported by the vegan community … even some celebs, eh?

  • drew

    Fantastic! I hope Eric and the Boston Vegan Society meet their goal. The documentary will definitely be great!

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