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FOX News Says Al Gore Is The Reason For High Food Prices

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Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be anything else to throw at Al Gore, Sean Hannity on FOX News came up with his hilarious segment: “Gore’s Grocery: Blame Al Gore for your rising food prices.”

Oh man, you know the conservative news stations are walking a thin line of sanity when you actually publish something like that. Of course, coming from someone as out of touch as Sean Hannity, such incomprehensible logic is to be expected. While increased demand for biofuel is certainly contributing, it is barely more than the tip of the iceberg. Newshounds breaks down the real information that FOX so conveniently fails to do itself. From the article,

“According to Time magazine, there are three other factors: One is the chronically low productivity of farmers in the poorest countries, caused by their inability to pay for seeds, fertilizers and irrigation. Another is the growing demand for food and the third, which Hannity would probably rather die than admit to, is climate change. Time reported that recent droughts in Australia and Europe cut the global production of grain in 2005 and ’06. New York Times columnist and economics professor Paul Krugman says that high oil costs play a big role, too.”

Furthermore, the type of biofuel throwing Hannity’s panties into a bunch is not the kind backed by Al Gore. In 2006, the the former V.P. endorsed cellulosic ethanol — a much different process that utilizes perennial grasses, waste, or other sources of low-production, high yield organics.

Check out the full video here — laugh track not included.

Newshounds via Green Daily

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