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As they’ve done in year’s past, the Today Show on NBC is giving away a “dream wedding” to one lucky couple brave enough to have the entire process splashed across America’s TV screens. Of course, this isn’t a lottery — the five couples selected will each week perform in a series of challenge races with the weakest team being voted off by the general public. Eventually, only two will remain standing — at which point we imagine there will be some kind of violent, heart-wrenching, P.S. I Love You-style conclusion with the loser facing time in a Turkish prison.

The coolest news, however, is that we have an Ecorazzi reader in the finals! Annie (a self-described urban-hippie) and her fiance Tom are fighting to win it all! In her own words,

“Sure, we’re not a Lohan or a Spelling, but maybe we’ve achieved pseudo-Z-list status. :) Anyway, we’ve both been vegetarian/ vegan for about 10 years, have a vermicompost (worm farm), sold our car and always use tote bags. After being diagnosed with Lupus, I became committed to eating organic and healthy and it’s worked! I’ve even been know to scold litter bugs. We’d be amazingly appreciative if you fellow greenies would be willing to support our bid to win our dream wedding.”

Fantastic! They have our vote — and we’re hoping that we can get the entire Razzi audience behind Annie and Tom! Better yet, Anne says they want to have a wedding that’s as green as possible — vegetarian across the board! C’mon everyone — lets make this happen for the two of them. To rock the vote, jump here and click on “Anne and Tom”. Their official website is also here. Good luck guys!

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  • parrish


  • erin

    i voted for them too. hope they win.

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Ecorazzi fans! I’ve been asked about “urban hippie” about 50 times now. :)

  • jozelle

    I just voted for them I really hope they win so some people who actually care about this planet finally get some recognition like they desreve I wish them all the best and you can tell there gonna have the most beautiful eco-babies around!Such a cute couple I already adore them and really hope they win.; )

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  • Amber

    I wonder what kind of blonde hair dye Annie uses, because I haven’t been able to find one that is cruelty-free and “green” as possible. Lemon just doesn’t do the trick. I need a more professional, but green option. It’s summer time and I’d love to lighten up my hair a bit. :)

  • Annie

    I actually go to Aveda for all my hair color needs because they’re the greenest company I could find. Short of pouring lemon on my hair of course. :)

  • parrish

    Annie, you’re quickly turning into Ecorazzi royalty with all these fans. How does it feel? :)

  • Amber

    Hey Annie! Thanks for the tip! I’ll be looking for a local Aveda salon and scheduling my appointment. :) Also thanks for adding me on myspace!