For some reason, various media reports around the world are labeling the new film The People Speak as some kind of documentary about celebrity activism. In reality, the new film — which includes Matt Damon on the producing side — is an adaptation of historian Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States.

Shot in various theatres, the film will feature “dramatic readings and live musical performances from the likes of Josh Brolin, Viggo Mortensen, David Strathairn, Marisa Tomei Jasmine Guy, John Legend, Q’Orianka Kilcher, Michael Ealy and Kerry Washington.” Most recently, Eddie Vedder and Sean Penn performed as part of a show at a concert in California. edder performed the classic folk song Here’s to the state of Mississippi by Phil Ochs, changing lyrics to take aim at US president George Bush.

And speaking of Penn, here’s what he had to say about President Bush while at Cannes: “When somebody operates without a brain and without a heart they kill hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. It is a shame that we have to bastardize the word ‘politics’.”

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  • Katy

    I cannot WAIT to see this! Go Howard Zinn, my esteemed neighbor here in Cambridge.

  • Kristin

    I cannot wait to see this.

  • Ceredwyn F. Holt

    It only shows what a divide there is between the cultural elite and Middle America

  • Taos Jalisco

    We went to the live performance last night in Portland, OR and it was fantastic and energizing. My sympathies go out Howard Zinn on his recent loss.

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  • tom P

    I wonder what Hollywood and the veteran Left have to say
    about the ever unfolding -and climbing! revelations of
    class and political genocide in their darling experiments
    last century?

    Let’s see —that’s now 62,000,000 in the Soviet Union
    (latest Univ. of Hawaii study) —

    -and well over 70,000,000 and climbing in our ‘fave’
    creditor/enabler’s ‘people’s paradise’ across the Pacific.

    Anyway —they never seem to get around to talking about it