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It’s no secret that Adrian Grenier has been dating Isabel Lucas, but what may be a mystery to most is who exactly she is.

Residing in Australia, Lucas is an actress that is quickly becoming the face of the nation’s anti-whaling campaign. She was right alongside Hayden Panettiere last October when they paddled out on surf boards to stop a dolphin slaughter — and later found out a warrant had been issued by Japanese authorities for her arrest. I’m thinking she won’t be returning to the land of the rising sun anytime soon.

Lucas is also environmentally conscious — though we imagine anyone dating Adrian Grenier needs to bring some green to the table (then again, there was that whole thing with Paris…). In the upcoming issue of Madison Magazine, she put her feelings out on the table. From the article,

” [She] urged people to employ more environmentally friendly habits, including riding bicycles, using energy-efficient appliances, planting vegetable gardens and using organic detergents. ‘If we’re finding it painful to make changes now, imagine how hard it will be in 10 years,’ Lucas said. ‘We need to be responsible now so that our kids can swim in the ocean and not get sick from the pollution,” Lucas said. “I believe it’s possible to change. I’m excited about it.'”

Lucas will also be joining Grenier in the debut of his new series for Planet Green, Alter Eco. “I’m helping out wherever I can because I think it’s a fantastic concept,” Lucas told the website Confidential. “Adrian has always been ecologically-conscious and we definitely relate on that.”

Let’s hope this is one long-distance relationship that works out! Expect more photos of these two together as Lucas gets ready to reside in LA for a bit of time to shoot Transformers 2. More info on this rising star here.

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