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While You Were In Cannes Grabbing A Tan And Sipping Cristal…

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We understand that most of our readers were yacht-bound this week for the Cannes Film Festival in France. So, in an effort to keep you informed on the latest green gos, here’s a breakdown of some of the highlights from last week.

We launched a cool contest to party with Ludacris and Tommy Lee at the final taping of Planet Green’s Battleground Earth.

Rapper DMX pulled a Michael Vick.

Madonna pulled an Oprah.

Pierce Brosnan celebrated his 55th birthday this week and revealed that he’s donated over $1 million to various environmental initiatives over the years. He’s also really good at composting.

Heather Mills’s divorce settlement may have cost McCartney an arm and a leg, but she’s certainly not interested in passing on the limb-love to those previously promised aid.

Space robots love cats. Even if they’re not robot cats. From space.

Indiana Jones’ crystal skulls may look great in your goth-themed kitchen — but did you know they may also save the world?

Louis Vuitton decided a lawsuit was the best way to get involved with the Darfur crisis.

FOX News concluded that Al Gore is the reason for high food prices. And cancer.

Edward Norton went off to Washington to discuss sustainable building. If Inhofe had been in the room, we would have seen a live-action preview of Norton’s upcoming HULK movie. SMASH!

You voted for our Today Show urban hippie couple, right?

Val Kilmer is planning on battling global warming bugs, while Adrian Grenier embraced his new show, Alter Eco, and green squeeze Isabel Lucas.

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