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Christina Ricci Is Rape Prevention Group's National Spokesperson

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It’s been said that theater is the actor’s medium and that film is the director’s. Well these days it seems like the marketing, corporate sponsorship and branding departments all reign supreme over everyone.

Such is the case with the 2006 release of Black Snake Moan staring Christina Ricci and Samuel L. Jackson. Ricci played Rae, a sexually abused girl desperate for male attention. Christina said she took the role to help show the “link between childhood sexual abuse and promiscuity in women and low self-worth and post-traumatic stress and low self-esteem.” However, after seeing the marketing campaign — a poster of her posing seductively in a navel-bearing top and revealing shorts — Ricci was so upset that she got involved with Tori Amos’ organization, RAINN (The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network).

Ricci said: “I wasn’t really comfortable with the way (Black Snake Moan) was being marketed and I was trying to combat how exploitative that campaign was, given what I thought the movie was about when I was making it. So I became directly involved with RAINN (on the issue of) rape trauma syndrome, and they were like, ‘Wow, you know a lot about this.’ They asked me to be their national spokesperson, which was amazing. Then they invited me to go to Washington to lobby the Congressional Appropriations Committee for funding for legislation. That was crazy. I didn’t know just anyone could go and meet with congress-people. I kept saying, ‘You guys know I didn’t go to college, right? I’m just an actress.”

I know the business is tough and when crap like this happens it’s always nice to see an actor turn a negative into a positive. So yay Christina for getting involved and making a difference. For more information, visit RAINN.com.

thanks: starpulse.com

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