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Farm Sanctuary Gala Exclusive: Melissa Rivers Goes Green

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melissa_rivers_fsAs promised earlier, for the next few days Ecorazzi will be posting a series of exclusive celebrity interviews from our time at the Farm Sanctuary Gala this past weekend. Up first, Melissa Rivers!

You might know Melissa from the many red carpet events that she hosted along side her mother, Joan. Melissa is a huge Farm Sanctuary supporter and a regular Ecorazzi blog reader (hey, Melissa). I got the chance to catch up with her on Saturday and say hello.

Parrish: So how long have you been involved with Farm Sanctuary?

Melissa Rivers: I believe it’s been four or five years now. My first real involvement was with the foie gras initiative in California.

P: Is that where your work with animals started?

MR: Oh no. I’ve worked with animals before. We’ve always been animal people — my whole family. We’ve always had dogs and fish and turtles, and I rode show jumpers since I was six. So we’ve always been very much animal people. But really once I had my son it really started. You get really interested in what you’re feeding your child.

P: Are you a vegetarian?

MR: You know I’m not, I have been, but when I was pregnant my doctor pretty much insisted I keep certain things in my diet. But if I’m gonna eat a steak it’s gonna be a good one. I eat a very sensible diet.

(Later in the ceremony Melissa announced, perhaps half jokingly, that she was done eating meat.)

P: Farm Sanctuary is all about rescued animals. Do you have animals of your own?

MR: I have two dogs that are rescued, and my mom’s dogs are all rescued, and all my retired show jumpers lead wonderful lives. You know my business manager asked me the other day, ‘Why are we still feeding this thing? What does it do? What’s it’s purpose?’ And I said, ‘It’s purpose right now is to lead a really nice life. They served me well — they can go hang out. They deserve a nice retirement in a big field eating grass and having little kids go and climb all over them and pet them and love them’.

P: Awesome! Now these days everyone’s going green. Do you consider yourself very green?

MR: I do very much. My new car is the Chevy Tahoe Flex Fuel. And you know we recycle, we’ve changed our light bulbs, I turn off the water when I brush my teeth. People don’t realize it’s not that hard. I mean we’re just very, very conscious. We do a lot of our shopping at our local farmers market. And my mother’s very green too. My mother was actually looking into putting windmills on her property in Connecticut and solar panels, and she got actually got in contact with Al Gore’s office. And again once I had my son she got very, very concerned about the environment.

P: We love to hear that! Well thanks so much for stopping by and have a great time tonight. It was nice meeting you.

MR: It was nice meeting you too. Thanks!

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