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Farm Sanctuary Gala Exclusive: Swoosie Kurtz Loves Ed. Begley Jr.

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Earlier today Ecorazzi told you about the Farm Sanctuary Gala we attended this past weekend and promised to release a series of interviews with the celebrities in attendance. This morning we posted our chat with the wonderful Melissa Rivers. Well, shortly after Melissa passed by I had the honor of speaking with Swoosie Kurtz.

Swoosie had so much passion when she spoke and really radiated this positive, sparkling energy. At one point while telling a story she reached out and touched my shoulder, which was just a very human and genuine action that you don’t necessarily see a lot at these kind of things. Anyway, I found her absolutely charming and I hope you do to.

Parrish: So tell me about your involvement with Farm Sanctuary.

Swoosie Kurtz: Well you know I got involved with them about 2 years ago and I’m just so blown away by what they do. It’s just amazing! I mean I was ignorant just like everyone else is when their eyes aren’t open to what goes on. I mean I knew some of it, but they just so specific in what they do and their goals they go after and they do it in a very organized, and in a kind of step by step way and so they really get there. I mean they don’t just go wild. They know that to change government, to change big business, to change factory farming — it’s not gonna happen overnight to say the least. So they go about it step by baby step and they do these amazing undercover things where they get footage on how the animals are treated and I just think they’re great. I’m just so impressed with them.

P: Now I was ease dropping on your last interview and I heard you say that animals have been a big part of your life. Tell me more about that.

SK: Yeah! My grandaddy in Omaha, Nebraska — where I grew up — was president of the livestock commission company. So I use to heard cattle around for him when I was little. And he always loved his cattle and his pigs and all of that even though they were eventually, well you know what they were used for, but they were treated beautifully and he instilled in me a great love and respect for animals.

P: Which makes perfect sense why you support Farm Sanctuary. Let’s talk about the environment for a second. How green would you say you are?

SK: Ha! Well I could definitely be more green. You know I recycle and all, I always have, but I use far to many tissues and things like that. You know a friend of mine is Ed Begley Jr. and he’s always asking me things like, ‘Swoosie why are you using those paper cups?’ I worked with him in 1990 and he was driving an electric car to the theater. Now in 1990 an electric car was unheard of! It went about 15 miles an hour. And then I’d be driving around LA and see him standing at the bus stop. I mean the bus stop in LA is not like the bus stop in New York. I mean that’s a guy who puts his money where his mouth is. He really lives the life.

P: That’s a great story! Anyway, I don’t want to keep you, but thanks so much for saying hello and don’t forget to check out the site.

SK: I absolutely will. I have your card.

P: Great! Thanks again and enjoy tonight!

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