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Can anyone else believe that Father of the Bride came out some 17 years ago? Regardless, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley — who starred in the film (and sequel) as Steve Martin’s daughter — appears to have not aged a day. She’s still got that super-cute, conservative, girl-next-door look that makes me weak. Ah, the early 90s.

Anyways, the 36-year-old Paisley might attribute some of her youthful glow to the fact that she loves vegetables. So much so, that as new mom, she wants other kids to realize the healthy good that can come from such a lifestyle. Together with her father, she’s written a new book called “Henry and the Hidden Veggie Garden”. Here’s a synopsis:

“Maybe you are like Henry. He is a typical American kid. He likes television and video games, pizza and burgers. But he does not like his vegetables very much. When Henry’s mother sees him hiding his veggies at dinner one night, she decides to show him just how much he is missing out on. She takes him to visit relatives for a weekend on a farm. The trip is a big change for Henry. He makes friends with dogs, pigs and a shy horse. His older cousin Huck shows him crispy fresh foods he has never seen before. But Henry does not always have the energy he needs to keep up with Huck and the other kids when they play outside, and he is not sure what to make of the baskets of vegetables that everyone else seems to love. Things begin to change when Huck lets him in on the underground secrets of a place hidden deep in the woods.”

The book is available from Amazon for only $5 — with another 10,000 being donated to donated to Books from the Heart, a national non-profit organization that helps put books in the hands of kids living below the poverty line.

Nice work, Kim! Check out her official site here.

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