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John Cusack To Star In Natural Disaster Flick, 2012

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Adding to the growing list of environmental movies spelling doom and gloom for the planet, John Cusack has signed on to star in director Roland Emmerich’s 2012. For those already familiar with this date, the plot probably can be deduced, but for the rest of us, here’s the idea.

Basically, the Mayan calendar reaches the end of its 5,126-year cycle on Dec. 21, 2012. At that point (and according to superstition, unless the 13 Crystal Skulls are reunited) the world will end. As Emmerich recently noted, his fascination with the topic came after he typed in 2012 in Google and received 240 million hits. This is less a fancied legend and more something that many, many people the world over are preparing for. Enter Hollywood. From Firstshowing,

“The script for 2012 is apparently so good, that the studios started a bidding war for distribution, with Sony ending up the winner. Emmerich has said previously that ‘it will be very expensive, you see the whole world go to shit” and other sources reported that the “project has more going for it than the big idea that studios love,” but what exactly that means yet, no one knows.

When Collider asked Emmerich whether this would achieve a new level of ‘blowing things up’, Emmerich responded with ‘it’s not blowing up, it’s something else.’ And when prodded further to explain himself, Emmerich almost gave it away: ‘This time there’s no blowing up. It’s a natural disaster. Well, actually yeah, like a… I’m not saying it! I’m giving things away.'”

What could it be? Well, we’ve already got deadly plants, nasty Woolly Mammoth parasites, evil multinational corporations, crazy mutated killer sharks, swarms of bugs, possessed permafrost possums, and well, we’re tried just thinking about the rest.

Thankfully, this movie about the year 2012 will in fact be released summer 2009. So, we’ll have plenty of time to freak ourselves out between then and December 21, 2012. Hey, at least you won’t be pressured to buy presents!

via E! Online

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