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About two weeks ago, Masha Markova accused Lindsay Lohan of stealing her $11,000 mink coat while partying. The coat then turned up all bruised and battered and smelling of Lohan — causing Markova to go crazy and file a lawsuit.

I find the whole thing hilarious — especially since I couldn’t care less about someone’s distress over a nasty fur coat. The fact that either woman would don such an item is frightening, especially in light of Lohan’s recent button proclamation of “Anti-Fur”.

Of course, there’s always someway to make the situation worse, something club owner John Englebert is more than happy to do. Saying that he feels bad for Lindsay’s current situation, he’s offered to take her shopping for her own $11,000 mink coat. From the article,

“I know what it’s like to have mistaken identity. Many times people take the wrong coat thinking that it’s theirs at my nightclubs. I am offering to take Lindsay on a mink shopping spree with me, to have the coat of her choice,” Englebert said. “My motto has always been, ‘If the coat fits, buy it.’”

Our motto is: “If you’re heartless, wear fur.” Wanna try that one on for size, Englebert? We’re pretty sure it will fit.

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  • Rain-Ra

    This is just rediculous… People should avoid animal abusers or who fund such horrific treatment of animals for consumer products. Remove this nobody from the cameras… No body should recognize even her existence.

  • Rosa Close

    It is not only amazing, it is frightening…Have we as a nation become so stupid that it is necessary to feed us with this kind of trash?

    The fur hags in question who promote horrific animal cruelty are getting free publicity when no one ought to be giving them the time of the day.

  • Nancy Martin

    What does “Lohan” smell like?

  • smarty

    You anti-fur people are silly; you sound like a bunch of fascists or something. What the hell is a “fur hag” anyway, a made up term that means nothing? Are there “leather hags” and “alligator skin hags”? What a joke. If you don’t like fur don’t wear it. It’s none of your business what someone else wears, eats or does with their own body.

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