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For those of you who were not one of the 30,000 attendees at the Green Festival that took place at Navy Pier in Chicago last weekend, here’s what you missed…delicious vegan food, super hip organic clothing, inspirational talks by visionary environmental leaders, and an outstanding performance by Chicago’s very own eco-folk rockers, The Giving Tree Band.

The largest audience of the weekend gathered as the band took the stage. Wearing their organic and recycled clothing, vegan hemp shoes, and vintage top hats, they proceeded to rock out with their acoustic instruments, which happen to be made from naturally fallen trees and reclaimed woods.

Among the highlights of their show was “Caged Lion,” which was introduced as the song they also performed behind closed doors for casting agents in Chicago only weeks earlier.  Those casting agents immediately placed the band as extras in a scene alongside Johnny Depp in the film Public Enemies, which will hit theaters in 2009.

No word yet if they will be included on the movie’s soundtrack — but if there was a soundtrack to the green movement, you better believe these guys would be on it.  They use renewable energy to produce their music. They package CD’s with 100% recycled materials, printed on with soy inks, and shrink-wrapped in biodegradable corn cellulose. They offset CO2 emissions created from shipping those CD’s, and a portion of the profits from sales and their concerts continue to support numerous charities and eco-friendly organizations.

You can check out the band’s official site for more information

Post contributed by: Janella Rossmann  

Photographer: Chip Py

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