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eYesterday Ecorazzi went apples and bananas over the fact that Oprah had decided to try her luck with veganism! Well now it looks like Ellen just might be walking the vegan line too.

Tomorrow on the Ellen show, friend of Ecorazzi and Skinny Bitch author, Rory Freedman, will be on to discuss her two bestselling vegan books. And then to continue Veganmania, on May 28th Ellen will welcome Kathy Freston, author of Quantum Wellness — also known as the book that encouraged Oprah to take the vegan plunge.

Ellen is a huge animal supporter and encourages eating local and organic food, but she still eats meat. Many people have expressed disappointment that Ellen valiantly fights for the animals and then later consumes them with the same passion. Will Ellen follow Oprah and adopt a vegan lifestyle? We will just have to wait and see!

Listen, I know its way dorky that I get excited about this kind of stuff, but I do, and I’m psyched that some really influential people are starting to get excited about it too! So eat that tofu and stay tuned to Ecorazzi for all your daytime talk show vegan news!

  • Rain-Ra

    Keep it up Celebs on going Vegan! You are some of the worlds most influential people. I think it is the best thing for our health, environment and most all for the animals. I thought Vegan was some hippy philosophy, never wash, get violent burn down testing labs advocates. Now I know that there is more to being Vegan than a bunch of generalizations. Anyone any how can go vegan. from hippies to UFC fighters to even hunters. I am glad that I went Vegan this year. I wish I knew what I now know sooner. Hope to hear more celebs turning vegan. To Rapper Common! get back on the vegan side. You know what is best for this world and for the animals.

    – Rain

  • TheVegan

    Hey I don’t think it’s dorky to get excited by this kind of stuff. Many years ago I remember my eyes welling up when I read in a veg magazine that Lisa from The Simpsons was going veg in a future episode. You can’t get much dorkier than that!

  • Maynard

    Many of us long-time vegans have been under the impression that ‘Ellen’ DeGeneres has been inside the vegan camp for a decade or so. Is that presumption not correct?

  • Christine

    I love vegans! Good for your health, the animals, and the planet.

  • parrish

    Maynard- Afraid to say that Ellen is in no way vegan. She eats red meat and everything. Hey but maybe this will is the beginning of a change!

  • Brandi

    I think it would be great if Ellen followed those footsteps! She’s somebody who has been able to live a non-traditional lifestyle (coming out so many years ago) and come through and still be adored by the public.

  • Reuben

    How on earth do you think that Ellen is a “huge animal supporter”? She treats dogs like disposable trinkets, appears in commercials with trained exotics without regard to the horrible lives they lead in order for her to have cute ads, and – as you say – she devours them. Just because she has a dog or two does not BEGIN to make her an animal supporter.

  • parrish

    Reuben- I remember you from our Donna Karan story I did a few weeks back. It’s obvious that you and I have very different ideas about how animals and activism should be dealt with. The good news is that we’re both on the same team; we just play in very different positions. Ellen is not perfect…by any means. If by treating dogs like “disposable trinkets” you mean the whole Iggy situation then again we disagree.

    If Ellen felt she couldn’t take care of the dog I think she did the smart and responsible choice by giving Iggy to another family she deemed responsible. And yes, she has used animals in commercials and does eat meat, but she’s also helped promote animal shelters and vegan authors (like mentioned in the post) and that’s a lot more than many mainstream personalities would do. So maybe HUGE was the wrong word — I’ll correct myself. BIG…I think Ellen is a BIG animal supporter!

  • janine

    Thank you Reuben, I couldn’t agree more. Her very public pet debacle, set animal rescue groups back many years. It made rescues look crazy and not to be trusted. It also reinforced the idea that it is ok to pass your pet off to whomever comes along if you don’t like it anymore.

  • Ginger

    ANIMAL ABUSE….And your 3 choices.

    1. Try to stop it. = Great….Way to go!

    2. Look the other way & try not to think about it. = Not so great but acceptable.

    3. Do your part to make sure it continues by supporting the meat & dairy industries = Unforgivable

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  • LH

    Maybe this way she can gain some credibility.

  • Marylu

    I read “My Stroke of Insight” in one sitting – I couldn’t put it down. I laughed. I cried. It was a fantastic book (I heard it’s a NYTimes Bestseller and I can see why!), but I also think it will be the start of a new, transformative Movement! No one wants to have a stroke as Jill Bolte Taylor did, but her experience can teach us all how to live better lives. Her speech was one of the most incredibly moving, stimulating, wonderful videos I’ve ever seen. Her Oprah Soul Series interviews were fascinating. They should make a movie of her life so everyone sees it. This is the Real Deal and gives me hope for humanity.

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  • Leslie

    Ellen eats red meat because she’s anemic.
    Based on the fact that only vegan food was served at her wedding, it looks like she’s giving it another try. She has tried in the past to be a veggie person, but there was the anemia issue as well as the fact that she dislikes vegetables!
    Would iron supplements do the trick as far as anemia is concerned?

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  • The Science Commenter

    Leslie. It depends on what kind of anemia she has. Some types, like thalasemia, aren’t affected by iron. Some people really need B12 more than iron to ease anemia problems.

    Tofu has tons of iron in it, though, as well as iron enriched pasta, spinach, and tons of other veg foods.

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  • Peter

    lol my comment got deleted i assume? how sad. i ask a simple question and get censored :(

  • parrish

    Peter- Your comment wasn’t censored. It was posted and responded to. You simply posted it under a different story. We don’t censor anything here on the razz.

    See also: