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This week Ecorazzi is continuing our coverage of the 2008 Farm Sanctuary Gala as we offer you exclusive interviews with some wonderful celebrities we chatted with. So far we’ve given you words from Melissa Rivers, Swoosie Kurtz, Rory Freedman and Russell Simmons. And now let’s get political with a few thoughts from Dennis Kucinich!

Dennis Kucinich is the only vegan in congress and a continuous supporter of animal rights and the Farm Sanctuary. As you can imagine, he was a super hot guest and not easy to pull away. However, when everyone went downstairs to eat dinner I stayed perched in the VIP lounge scanning the crowd for exciting tid-bits! At one point I saw Dennis sneak away from his table and visit the silent auction area and I knew that was my chance! So I swooped down, introduced myself (and my tape recorder…her name is Molly) and began the interview. Enjoy!

Parrish: First off, let me just say I’m a huge fan of yours and think that the examples you set in congress are totally inspiring. Tell me about what brings you here tonight?

Dennis Kucinich: Well I’m always looking for opportunities in the congress to protect farm animals. Right now we’re having an investigation in my sub-committee of a plant in California that was actually processing downed animals. So I’m investigating that right now. Years ago I was responsible for a bill that stopped importation of products from China that contained dog and cat fur that came from live dogs and cats. The whole idea of being involved with an animal rights effort is to show that all living creatures deserve respect. If we show that respect throughout our entire ecology then perhaps that’s the path to peace.

P: Wow! I absolutely agree with you. Now I know that you’re vegan. How long has that been for you?

DK: I’ve been vegan since 1995.

P: And what inspired it?

DK: You know I was in a relationship where I met a woman who was vegan and so I tried it and what I was surprised to learn is that I immediately experienced some beneficial health effects and together with Chinese medicine I was cured of Crohn’s.

P: That’s really amazing.

DK: Isn’t it?

P: Well listen I know I kind of sidetracked you over here so I’ll let you get back to dinner. Is there anything else you want our readers to know?

DK: Well, that my website is Kucinich.US. Please check it out.

P: Thanks again for your time congressman.

  • brian

    It is a complete shame that registered Democrats did not overwhelmingly support this man during his presidential run. Here is a man who has ALWAYS opposed the illegal war in Iraq, has always voted against funding the war (unlike Obama, and Clinton), and is a staunch supporter of real universal healthcare (H.R. 676 “Medicare For All”), again, unlike Clinton and Obama. Dennis was clearly the best choice and would have brought about real change, not just rhetoric. Now, we have to settle for a fraction of what we could have had.

  • mark

    I would just like to register my agreement with brian. How can we not vote for peace? How can we not vote for true universal healthcare? Why is it that so many Americans are willing to vote for these mud wrestlers? Are we really that stupid?

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