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Like an Everlasting Gobstopper’s infinite flavor or the Energizer Bunny’s will to keep going, Ecorazzi is unstoppable in our delivery of exclusive celebrity interviews from the 2008 Farm Sanctuary Gala. From Melissa and Swoosie to Rory, Russell and even Dennis, we’ve got the inside scoop on all things animal.

As the night continued I found my way over to the very stunning Emily Deschanel. I saw Emily two years ago at the Gala, but this was my first time saying hello. Truthfully, I have a wicked crush on her sister, Zooey, and I wanted my opening question to be: is your sister single? But I thought maybe that wouldn’t be the BEST way to start an interview with someone I’d never met. So I stayed professional and here’s what she had to say:

Ecorazzi: Hey Emily! Well first off, I was so impressed when I found out you’ve been vegan for 16 years. Is that right?

Emily Deschanel: 15 or 16 years now. I’d have to count back. I’ll think about it and get back to you.

E: And I also learned that it was John Robbins’ Diet for a New America that did it for you?

ED: Yes! I went to a high school called Crossroads in Santa Monica and you know it was a very kinda socially conscious school to go to. And we had a day — I think they call it Forum Day — where they present different issues and we watched the documentary of Diet for a New America and then I read the book and immediately became vegetarian. And then two years later, or maybe a year and half, I became completely vegan.

E: And why are you here tonight celebrating Farm Sanctuary?

ED: It’s just such an amazing organization. I’ve really been involved with them for a few years now. I don’t know how long exactly. But I’ve been to the sanctuary. It’s just such an extraordinary organization because they work from so many different angles. I mean they have two sanctuaries – one on each coast. They also do so much for passing legislation for farm animals and education and advocacy. And I just think it’s such an important issue. You know there are 10 billion animals killed every year for food in inhumane ways. The number is so huge to me and we’d all be so much better off if we didn’t eat that and didn’t treat animals in that way. I think people just need to know more about it. It’s amazing to me how many people who’ve become aware of the situation start to eat less meat, less dairy and are starting to become vegan or vegetarian.

E: Exactly! It’s all about small steps. You don’t have to become a vegetarian tomorrow, but if everyone just took as many steps forward as they could the world would be such a better place.

ED: Right. It would make a huge difference! To have people give up one day a week of meat or if they could give up one meal of meat and dairy that would really change things. So I think just educating and advocating is the key here. Even if you believe that animals are there for us to eat, no one can agree with the way animals are treated before they’re killed. And the way they are treated is just not sustainable. People are just eating way too much meat and dairy!

E: You’re preaching to the choir! Well thanks for being here tonight and I look forward to talking to you again soon.

ED: Of course! Thank YOU!

  • Sara

    This is probably a stupid question, but what do vegans do about their dogs? I mean, dogs have to eat meat, don’t they? I’m a vegan and I’ve always wondered about that. We are still making animals suffer if we have pets..? How do you justify with that?

  • parrish

    Sara- So funny! Most comments left on my posts go straight to my inbox, thus my blackberry (since I’m ashamedly attached to it at all times). And today, while spending almost the entire afternoon in Central Park on what is probably our best weather day yet, I happen to pass by a dog and I thought to myself, ” See now, if I owned a dog how would I justify feeding it meat.” And not but 2 minutes later did my phone vibrate with your comment! WEIRD!!!

    The answer is tricky! I know there are a sect of people out there that raise their dogs vegan and while it might seem challenging I know there are also many companies (as seen in VegNews…the best magazine ever) that advertise vegan friendly dog food. I guess it’s all about your philosophy behind not eating meat. To be honest (and I’m sure I’m gonna get some flack for this) I don’t think humans are designed to eat meat. Dogs on the other hand, more so. So what would I do? I don’t really know. Luckily, at this moment I am not a pet owner and not faced with this conundrum.

    What do you think Ecorazzi readers? What in the world would Sara and I do if we adopted a furry friend? Thoughts!

  • jaxin

    I know many vegans who have vegan dogs! :) There are several brands of vegan dog foods now, it makes it a pretty simple thing to do! Dogs seem to take to it pretty easily.

    It just takes a little bit of time to get them switched over to a new diet, working the new food in a little at a time. I know the first time *I* tried to go vegan it was all at once and gave myself quite the belly ache. ;) All that roughage!

    Cats on the other hand, very different story. Cats seem to be really made for the meat eating. Out of the 100’s of vegans I know I can only think of one off the top of my head with a vegan cat.

    If you’re totally opposed to feeding your furry companions meat, don’t adopt cats. It all can really turn into quite the ethical conundrum. All those cat’s need homes, but to take care of them we have to harm other animals. If you do adopt cats, I suggest checking into the companies you are buying your cat food from and taking a look at their practices.

  • jaxin

    Oh I forgot! I was originally going to post about how much I *love* Emily! What a beautiful example of veganism. :) I really admire her.

  • Missme

    Jaxin, I totally agree! I love her. She is not only such a beauty with great poise and class but also a wonderful example of an intelligent woman who is doing her part to make this world a better place. Go girl!

  • Sara

    parrish, what a coincidence! haha, that’s really funny.

    Well the thing is, I DO have a dog. Except I’m 16 and live with my parents, so they’re the ones who are paying for and buying the dog food. And I think if I suggested vegan dog food, they would fly off the handle, as they are meat-eaters and think my veganism is ridiculous. But when I have my own house, I will most likely get a dog. So my question is, is it healthy to make a dog go vegan? Do they need meat? I mean, no one can argue that dogs are not meant to eat meat. I don’t think humans are, but dogs definitely are. So would their bodies be messed up if they went vegan??

    And it’s not that I think eating meat is bad. It happens all the time in the wild. What I think is bad is the fact that we raise animals for eating. That’s a whole other story. In nature, I think it’s fine. But I think that it is horrible for humans to keep animals cooped up in a factory, standing in their own feces. But if you feed your dog meat, you are supporting that. So I’m just really torn! I really don’t know what I would do if I got my own dog..

  • Sara

    Oh and another thing, last night I went to a Japanese sushi restaurant and I got roll with shrimp in it. So now I keep asking myself, am I being a hypocrite? I mean, they’re just shrimp. They’re basically like bugs, right?? They’re shrimp! What is everyone’s views on that? I absolutely say no to eating fish, but what about crustaceans (ie, shrimp, crabs, lobsters, etc.)? I technically wouldn’t be considered a vegan, but I guess you can make your own rules. What does everyone think about that?

  • jaxin


    I decided long ago that if I extend my compassion to one being, I should extend it to all. Bugs, crustaceans, bees, all of them.

    I would suggest joining a forum like Veggie Boards ( discuss these types of matters. :)

  • Sara

    Yes, I see what you’re saying. I think “extending compassion” to bugs is going a little far though. I mean, it’s not like bees extend their compassion to me; I’ve been stung four times. But anywayyy, I guess I’ll have to think about crustaceans. I am really indecisive.

  • parrish

    Well it’s okay that you’re really indecisive…YOU’RE 16!!! It’s so great that you’ve already started to adopt this mentality at such a young age. It took me a couple more years. Good call Jaxin with message boards. You might also enjoy! Keep up all the awesome work!

  • Sara

    Why thank you parrish! :]

    jaxin, I went to People are sooo mean there! People started lecturing me about how I can’t call myself a vegan because I kill bugs! BUGS! I mean, I guess TECHNICALLY true vegans don’t kill ANY animal, but come on! BUGS? Honestly, that’s ridiculous. So if I don’t eat any animals or animal products (I decided against eating crustaceans, btw) I’m automatically not a vegan? That’s insane. Insane I say!

  • vegoftheweek

    Love her character on Bones! Didn’t know she was a vegetarian until I heard about Farm Sanctuary.

  • Mary

    I absolutely adore Emily; she seems very genuine and as Missme said, she’s very poised and classy. Incredibly gorgeous, too!

    She is a great example of the compassion and understanding vegetarians [vegans especially] should be known for; not a judgemental and unreasonable snob (as I’ve found some vegans to be; and I’m a nearly-vegan vegetarian!)

  • Dawn

    I love Emily. She’s so nice and talented.