Since Kristin Davis leads the green life in reality, it would make sense that a bit of her character in Sex and the City would reflect that as well. Cosabella has created four distinct styles for each of ‘the ladies’, with Charlotte’s evening wear made from all-natural bamboo. We’ve no idea if she wears it in the movie, but we’re happy to see Charlotte getting her green sexy on. [More…]

Speaking of sex, a new survey by General Motors found that nine out of ten women would rather talk to a guy driving a Prius than a Porsche. It apparently will make you popular at parties as well. If you really want to get lucky though, show your significant other your compost pile. Oh yea, baby. Bom Chicka Bom. [More…]

Ed Begley Jr. on AlJazeera TV? Hey, why not! [More…]

Daryl Hannah’s new movie Shark Swarm premieres on the Hallmark Channel this weekend. As we mentioned previously, the plot revolves around tame sharks that are turned in man-eating killers because of secretly released toxins by a greedy corporate real estate developer. So awesome. [More…]

Finally, I thought I would point out a new green website that I’m enjoying called Earth First. It’s a brilliantly fun and bold take on the green movement — a bit like Grist, but turned up to 11. Basically, they don’t take any BS and are quick to throw it right back at anyone they feel isn’t measuring up to true green standards. My favorite headline of the day: “Wildlife Refuges are the Place to Go for Illicit Hookups“. Yes. Yes, they are. [More…]

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  • Beth from Avenue Z

    I’m all about the guy in the Prius. But if Porche makes a hybrid, the decision may be tough.