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The people of Greensburg are breathing a sigh of relief this morning as only minor damage was reported from a twister that touched the edges of town. Just over a year ago, the entire area was devastated by a massive tornado that almost took Greensburg off the map. In response, Leonardo DiCaprio hooked up with Planet Green to transform the town into what he called “the sustainable city of the future” — nothing but green from the bottom up. The entire process is been documented for the upcoming series Greensburg.

Thankfully, the rebuilding process can continue without having to start from scratch — but it was pretty close. “The funnel cloud went directly over the top of Greensburg,” said Ray Stegman, Kiowa County emergency preparedness manager. According to ABC News, the tornado hopped from the western edge to the eastern edge of town Friday.


You can check out the rebuilding of Greensburg starting June 4th on Planet Green.

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  • Erin

    I’ve been reading that some are opting to build dome homes so even if they have a tornado hit their house they’ll be just fine…. or underground homes as well. Having had two homes hit by tornadoes in my family I know how painful it can be.. but our neighbor’s was untouched because it was an earth home. Go dome or underground and you can’t be touched.
    ;-) E

  • Pleasant Wayne

    Thank goodness the tornado didn’t repeat the destructive pattern…perhaps it’s a sign that the UNIVERSE respects our GREEN efforts!

  • oakling

    i bet a sod house would work well too – they are so freaking solid! i don’t know how they’re building ‘em in Greensburg but if they are using any of these eco-friendly methods, might not matter if a tornado did strike.

  • Remy Chevalier

    Rebuilding Greensburg as a green LEED certified community is great. How about also creating architecture which can withstand such tornadoes! Domes are tornado proof.

  • michael

    Actually, in one of the press release photos for the new PG series, they show the construction of some domes in Greensburg. Not sure where — or how many — but they’re thinking along those lines as well, Remy. Great suggestion.