If you ask me, all vegetarians are sexy!! But if wanna get all literal about it, I guess not everyone can be the very sexiest! 

Enter PETA’s World Sexiest Vegetarian competition. Each year PETA’s youth inspired website, PETA2.com, crowns two celebs (one male, one female) with the coveted title of the World’s Sexiest Vegetarian. While shockingly I did not make the list this year, Ecorazzi is proud to announce that many of the nominees have been showcased on our site at least once or twice. 

Last year Kristen Bell and Davey Havok won the award for their supreme vegetarian sexiness, but are they strong enough to hold the title two years in a row? Some other possibilities are Natalie Portman, Hayden Panettiere, Jared Leto, Milo Ventimiglia and many, many more.

While in the past I’ve confessed an unnatural affinity to Natlie Portman, recently Hayden has really impressed me as she tries to Save The Whales Again. As for the fella’s, I say Jared Leto deserves the honor for promoting vegetarianism and raw food during his recent 60 pound weight loss. 

Who do you think should win? Tell us your thoughts and then visit PETA2.com and vote your sexy little heart out! 

  • Banthe Furtrade

    Just an FYI, that should be fellas, not “fella’s”. Everyone that happens to read this, please remember: You DO NOT need to add an apostrophe when making a word plural. This is a very common mistake, but it is incorrect! Thank you.

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  • http://www.KristensRaw.blogspot.com Kristen’s Raw

    Yes, we’re all sexy! :) :) :)

  • http://jared-leto_30-stm.blogs.sapo.pt Sandra

    Jared Leto definitely!!! The girl can be Hayden Panettiere

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  • http://www.ecorazzi.com michael

    I’m going with Portman — but I’m biased in my affections.

  • http://www.livingwithoutmeat.com Sally

    It was 2 years ago that K.Bell won. Last year’s winners were Carrie Underwood and Jay Leno’s sidekick.

  • parrish

    Not according to PETA2.com.


    “So who will it be? Will Davey Havok and Kristen Bell keep their coveted titles? “

  • http://www.livingwithoutmeat.com Sally

    Well, Peta2 is wrong. Check out PETA’s site, or Quotes from Kristen about being dethroned, or click on “Past Winners” on the voting tally for this year.

  • http://www.jessimonster.wordpress.com Jessica

    Holy crap! My work won’t let me go to the PETA website because it says it has “gruesome content”. What the hell? I’ll have to vote when I get home.

  • Laura

    Kristen Bell??? I thought Carrie Underwood was voted sexiest vegetarian last year!

  • Isabel

    Jared Leto there is no other!!! i don’t know which girl … i’ll decide when i see who’s on there..

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  • aya-chan

    jared leto of course! the girl could be natalie portman. but the guy would be jared leto for sure!

  • Lisa

    Jared Leto is by far the sexiest vegetarian on the planet and for the girls Hayden Panettiere

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