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Last Comic Standing Makes Vegans Cry Unicorn Tears

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We may not have as much protein as you do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t kick your ass!! The vegan world is up in arms over a recent episode of Last Comic Standing where contestant Christina Pazsitzky poked fun at the VEG world.

The joke was about her cousin — who is a vegan — and how she’s SOOOO annoying to dine with because she’s always like: “Um yeah, this tuna salad? Is there mayonnaise in this? Oh there is? Instead of mayonnaise could I have unicorn tears?” Now I’ll admit, when I first read the joke on a few message boards I chucked a little. I think “unicorn tears” is totally funny and I’m certainly not one to take myself too seriously. We vegans are a silly lot! BUT then I watched a clip of it and totally changed my opinion. Besides the fact that, DUH it’s not even accurate, it wasn’t really delivered well at all.

But here’s my favorite. I mean here is the frigin icing on the cake, people. The judges for that round were none other than Fred Willard and Kathy Najimy – two long-time vegetarians and huge animal advocates. Fred has worked with PETA on numerous occasions and even hosted their 25th Anniversary Gala. Najimy has also worked with PETA — posing twice for their I’d Rather Go Naked Than Where Fur campaign and even winning PETA’s Humanitarian Award in 2000.

So sure maybe we got laughed at a little bit, but let’s be honest – at the end of the day it wasn’t US who looked stupid! Now if you’ll excuse me my lunch of tuna fish and unicorn tears awaits!

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