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Woody Harrelson is definitely not your typical Hollywood celebrity. At the core, he’s very much into raw living and pushing the limits of mental and physical health. His dedication to the vegan lifestyle in particular is legendary — and sometimes borderline obsessive — but you can’t help but respect such commitment. 

Back in November of 2006, Harrelson completed a 38-day green-juice fast. He wanted to make it to 40 days, but some friends ruined the chance with some homemade cooking and he succumbed. During that time, however, Woody said that his “electromagnetic field expanded” and he received a “real charge” from the experience. 

Well, now Harrelson is preparing for another food quest after announcing that he will shuffle off to a remote island and drink nothing but water for 40 days. From the article,

“‘I’ve always wanted to do it,’ he says. ‘I know it’s going to be really hard. But can you imagine it? Eating nothing for 40 days? Swimming and surfing every day in a remote place? Where does the mind go?'”

I’m sure it’s a lot more romantic talking about it then actually waking up on Day 15 screaming “I just want an apple!”

Let’s hope Woody’s brain is up to the challenge. 

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  • oakling

    How does he know his EMF expanded?? Is this just newage talk, or did he get it measured? Because it sounds like newage talk.

  • leslie@ the oko box

    not eating for 40 days is really not at all healthy – no matter anyone says. Depriving yourself of food in order to “cleanse” does not take that long! oh Woody that’s just harsh!

  • http://Google Shafiq Shabazz

    God bless Woody, I too am preparing for a fast of 50 days and I know it will be a task. Woody you are special just to have the thought to do 40 days. It takes a special mind and person to do such a fast. I would like to see you after you finish. You will look 25 years younger and feel so much better. I know I have done it already and going for 50. Woody don’t listen to anyone brother, “just do it” Stay in the spirit and when you want to eat think of the benefits, sex you will be a champion. No Viagria needed brother!!!!

  • Sofia

    I had prepared to do a 40 day water fast, and made it through day 19, being that it was my first extended water fast, but have done some shorter water fasts before off and on, and occasional extended juice fasting, and Jensens tissue cleansing through bowel management program.
    On day 20 I broke my water fast, and started juicing carrots and sipping on tall glasses of 1/2 carrot juice and 1/2 distilled water for 2 weeks straight, then went back to my raw vegan diet.
    I will plan to prepare for another 40 day water fast later on down the road. I threw off a lot of nasty toxins that I didn’t know I even had. I was 140lbs, and now my “healthy” weight is currently at 115lbs at 5 foot 7 inches tall.
    I did not do it for weight loss but for cleansing, healing, and rejuvinating. It was a very deep spiritual experience. I have since gone on “superfoods” and feel much more energenic than I ever have before!
    If it is your calling to do such a fast, I see nothing wrong with it as long as you do a allot of research on it first so you understand it and why you are doing it, and what to expect.
    I had found a wonderful ebook that explained very clearly what to expect. I did my fasting alone at home. If you are going to a facility, you will have allot of support to get your through it!
    All the best to you Woody!

  • Evagelia

    Woody this is fantastic, it will change your life, the physical changes do not compare to the mental clarity and hapiness you will get. Get a lot of rest, a water fast will do a lot of detox and repairing and it can only be done if your body is not enervated, so rest as much as possible. all the best to you.