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When I first heard that Eva Longoria was promoting Wendy’s I thought, ” Booo. That sucks! Get off the stage.” But then I listened closer and heard that she was doing it to raise cash for some kids who really need it. So now I sit conflicted!

Here’s the deal: Eva Longoria spent yesterday working behind the register at a Corpus Cristi, Texas Wendy’s as part of the Father’s Day Frosty Weekend. According to official reports “the goal is to raise more than $1.3 million for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Foundation.”

So now here’s the question bloggers: can you justify temporarily supporting a company that serves unhealthy, low-quality food wrapped in packaging that is far from environmentally friendly if it means raising $1.3 million for a worthy cause?

This reminds me of a litte friendly debate that occured in the vegetarian world a couple years ago when Burger King introduced the first VEGAN fast food veggie burger. Some people thought the vegan community should support Burger King for their decision or the option would be gone, while others thought that it was merely a temporary publicity stunt and that by supporting Burger King we were supporting the very industry we opposed. At the end of the day Burger King nixed the vegan patty and both sides said, “I told you so.” But I digress.

Is it worth supporting Wendy’s, even if they suck, for the sake of a charity that doesn’t suck at all? Think it over, sus it out, talk about it with your co-workers and then comment away and let us know what you think!

  • AT

    I say support it. The event is only one day and it’s for the kids. You don’t have to agree with their general activities or principles but they’re doing something good here. Of course it’s a publicity stunt, but so what? Like reality TV, Wendy’s isn’t going anywhere or losing popularity, even if it is appalling.

  • Sandra

    I agree. Go ahead and support them for the day and then run far far away!

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  • oakling

    I think that the whole “it’s for the kids!” thing is a red herring. It’s only okay if somehow they HAD to join up with Wendy’s to do this – which obviously they didn’t. Supporting kids is good, supporting celebrities in supporting kids is probably good, supporting Wendy’s is totally unnecessary. (Plus, whatever happened with Dave Thomas being a huge homophobe? We have so many reasons to stay away from them….)