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Farm Sanctuary Gala Exclusive: Bestselling Author Victoria Moran And Filmmaker William Melton

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I am sad to say that today will be the final day of our Farm Sanctuary Gala exclusive interviews! During the last week we’ve brought you the words of presidential hopefuls, famous actors, music moguls, television personalities and many more! But it wasn’t JUST movie stars and television hosts I got the chance to speak with. I also spent some quality time with two bestselling authors — Rory Freedman and Victoria Moran.

I first contacted Victoria almost 3 years ago after reading her book Fit From Within and being totally wowed! Over the years I’ve attended the premiere of her latest book Fat, Broke and Lonely No More and I’ve even taken a class she offered at The Learning Annex here in NYC. Victoria is passionate about healthy living and shares that passion with her readers. Here’s what she had to say:

Parrish: Hey Victoria. It’s so great to see you again! Talk to me about your involvement with Farm Sanctuary.

Victoria Moran: Oh we’ve been supporting the Farm Sanctuary for a long time. In fact I first met Gene when he was traveling cross country in 1986 with the idea of Farm Sanctuary. Now I’d supported animal rights for a long time, but the idea that somebody would actually do something for the individual animals was an entirely new concept and we’ve just been watching the whole thing grow over the years.

P: Now I know you’re vegan, which is obviously super green, but give me some other ways on how you live the green lifestyle.

VM: Well we’re hoping we’re going to be able to move into a fabulous green condominium in Harlem — which would be really wonderful. When you think about all the things that go into how we live there are just so much we can do. In my regular life what I’m trying to do now is eat a lot more raw foods. I feel better. It is so exciting. There’s less packaging. There’s obviously less use of fuel. I get everything at the farmers market. The whole thing is just a simpler, simpler life!

(At this point Victoria’s husband joins us)

VM: You know my husband William Melton is working on a film with Gene Baur called Miss Liberty about a cow that escapes from a slaughterhouse.

P: I didn’t know that. How far in the process are you?

William Melton: Right now we’re in pre-production. We’re working with some people who are very well known – I can’t say their names yet, but we’re working with some people and a production company. It’s a long process, but Gene and I have been working on it for about a year and we’ll see what happens.

P: Well Ecorazzi would love to know more about it so make sure you keep us in the loop.

WM: Absolutely.

P: I’ll let you get back to the party, but again great seeing you and please call me when you get back to the city.

VM: I will. Nice seeing you here!

You can learn more about Victoria’s latest projects at VictoriaMoran.com

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