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Sharon Stone has managed to infuriate Chinese officials by suggesting the latest devastating earthquake was karma’s way of biting back over that nation’s treatment of Tibet. Stone, a devout Buddhist, has long been a supporter of Tibetan independence. In an interview at the Cannes Film Festival, the 50-year-old actress said, 

“‘I’m not happy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans because I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else. And then this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and then I thought, is that karma? When you’re not nice that the bad things happen to you?’”

Obviously, these are some pretty insensitive comments — especially when you consider a Buddhist’s great respect for life. As a result, China’s largest theatre company has forever banned her films from being show in their cinemas. 

But the odd comments didn’t just end with China. Stone also went after men saying, “I think all men are dogs. I honestly do. You know every man starts barking sooner or later. At least my character in BASIC INSTINCT has the good sense to kill men afterwards, so they won’t go around sprouting nonsense.”

Wow. Good luck getting a date. I’d be checking the glovebox for ice picks. 

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  • Junyong Lee

    I can feel the hatred from the western world towards China.
    We have to unite together to defend this wave of western aggressiveness.

  • Mallory Towers

    No way Junyong,

    This woman’s an utter crackpot, it’s the kind of half baked comment based on California half-read Buddhism that shames her, and the plastic fantastic mentality from which she’s been spawned.

    I’m embarrassed for her, and if she’s a representative of me, a Westerner, then I’m embarrassed too.

    If she is to be the spokesperson for people from the West, then I can only apologise unreservedly.

    Worry not, the west doesn’t hate China, I think there’s an issue with your government relating to certain personal freedoms, random imprisonment of ethnic Tibetans and some overhang of Falun Gong crackdowns – but I don’t think there’s anyone who can honestly say they are anti Chinese people, it’s the heavy handed government I think the West is scared of.

    You’re not hated.

  • Beijinger

    Buddhist? Her life is anything but.

    And it is more than the officials of China that are infuriated okay!

    You did managed to piss Buddhist and Chinnese in the same centence.


  • michael

    It’s not often that I piss Buddhist and Chinese — but when I do, I think back to the asparagus I had the night before and question my decision to include it in the meal.

  • bill

    Mallory Towers, Thank you for your friendness.
    during cold war, chinese and US goverments blame to each other. The communist part also described US was unfair coutry, as rich people get richer by pushing poor people working. Now, this kind of propaganda already stopped in China. However, similar propaganda is still going on in western country. we hope china become become better, but we don’t want like this old style cold war way.

  • PacificGatePost


    This was said with some aforethought, just not much of it.

    America is looking to improve its image around the world, and this is did not the kind of help it needs.

  • Amy

    she should be punished some how, buddiest is about being kind and considerate to others, and all she shows it cold blooded, selfish and prejudice people who tend to give their comment which was inappropriate. I thought a celebrity meant to influence people, their fans to become a better person. she is a shameless woman show doesnt deserve anything. I look down on her, as she has no sympathy over others all she cares is whether her boob are better than others.

    Wehn i say the news about this i cant stop but cry for those victims in the chinaquake. the ones who lost their loved ones. their intense pain have all been discriminated by her as if those 67000 peoples’s life (mainly children) are worth nothing. I feel a very deep pain to think what a cold world we are living in that people just dont care! when i lost one of my family, the pain have never stoped, it has been haunting me for years and i cant bare to think what those victim will feel as non of us can.

    I think she need to go back to school and do all her learning again. cos at mom she is showing me how uneducated she is, geat fate cow.

  • Ellie

    Can someone who wears as much animal fur as this woman seriously call herself a Buddhist????

  • oakling

    barking??!? maybe sharon stone should make sure she’s not actually dating werewolves.

  • emme

    OK. Sharon Stone is obviously bitter because she hasn’t enjoyed a man’s…er…companionship in a while. Also, her karma comment isn’t original. I’m sure many people have had the same thought pass through their head. She’s not violent, just thinking out loud. Nothing wrong with that.And, it’s not like she’s commenting on a terrorist attack, the earthquake was a natural disaster, therefore I think she’s not necessarily violent.
    As to the China/U.S. relations discussion, I believe that the United States has it’s faults, as does China, but that does not mean we can’t cry foul when there is foul play afoot.

    Human rights are important.
    Sharon Stone needs some loving. End of story.

    P.S. All men are not like that!

  • Daisy

    Sharon Stone, if there is really a karma you must be the first one and the only one get that!!!

  • Natalie

    I know that the ralationship between western and china is becoming a kinda sensitive, and these is surely a way to deal with that. Most of the people don’t want wars, but the stupid karma comment will push western society to a embarasing stage, only because she is famous and on behalf of the US, at least in Chinese people’s eyes.