fleurNot surprisingly, Daryl Hannah is attempting to take advantage of the green media grab by shopping her dhLoveLife web video series to television networks. According to one news source, Hannah is using her entire site and media to market the transition to television. With massive networks like Planet Green and The Sundance Channel eager to fill the digital waves with green original content, we’d be somewhat curious if nobody took her up on the offer. Hopefully, none of them have seen Shark Swarm. [Read more...]


Actress Isabel Lucas is pulling up roots in Australia and permanently relocating to Hollywood to spend more time with boyfriend Adrian Grenier, help out with his show Alter Eco for Planet Green, and get to work on some new movie productions. Sources are saying the two are planning on living together in what will no doubt be a very green home. [Read more...]


Designer Sami Hayek, brother of actress Salma Hayek, has just signed a deal with Target for a new line of home furnishings and accessories. According to the release, the items will have minimal packaging, and the packaging itself can be reused, recycled or made into other objects, like CD holders and file folders. All this talk of packaging, however, leads us to believe the actual goods aren’t very eco-friendly. [Read more...]

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  • http://www.greenyourdecor.com Jennae Petersen

    Now the Sami Hayek/Target situation is a perfect example of greenwashing. I saw some of bedding and accessories on display yesterday, and there is nothing really “green” about them. No organic cotton, no bamboo fabric…nothing. Just packaging that you can “reuse”. Yeah, right….the bags the bedding come in are so small, the only thing you really could use it for is maybe makeup or CDs. And the sheets and pillowcases are the only ones with cases you can reuse. I was very disappointed, because they were playing it up in the display like the products were really eco-friendly.

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