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Funny gal and eco-activist, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss (Seinfeld, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and SNL to name a few) and “hottie” Amy Smart (Varsity Blues, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, Butterfly Effect) co-hosted the Heal the Bay Gal a fundraiser this year. The night started off with an awesome silent auction chock full o’ eco-gifts. In case you’re wondering, I bid on (and won) the Absolute Vodka gift basket complete with 7 different flavors… woo hoo!

Listen, we all know there are TONS of environmental organizations out there clamoring for the sizzle of a celebrity endorsement. When I asked Julia and Amy why they chose to work with Heal the Bay, they both echoed the same simple sentiment: water is our lifeblood, our roots – and that HTB is a local non-profit devoted to cleaning up our “backyard.” Not sure about you, but the Pacific Ocean isn’t exactly in MY backyard, since I’m not lucky enough (read: rich enough) to live in Malibu, but I definitely agree with the ladies; cleaner water = cleaner beaches = happier sunbathers!

Gloria Reuben (you remember her from ER) told me that most of her fond memories are somehow connected to the water and the beach, which is why HTB and Waterkeeper Alliance are important to her (she’s even a WA Board member).

The night included a fab performance by the Plain White T’s, who are most known for “Hey There Delilah.” I just have one question: When the lead singer is the only one playing/singing their #1 song, what are the other 4 guys doing all that time? Ok, back to the gala. The evening’s program was graciously produced by some dear friends of mine, Jennifer and Barry Gribbon of Homerun Entertainment. If you’re vying for the house on HGTV’s Green Home Giveaway, then you’re already familiar with Homerun’s amazing work, and their commitment to making green TV shows.

Speaking of green TV shows, when I asked executive producer extraordinaire JD Roth (Biggest Loser, Unanimous, Scott Baio is 45 and Single) from 3 Ball Productions what he’s doing to green his shows, he told me that The Biggest Loser already had a green episode (oops, I guess I missed that one!) and that the contestants no longer drink from disposable water bottles, in favor of Brita filtered water and reusable bottles. It turns out, we can thank his lovely wife, Christine, for the idea to rid the show of those pesky water bottles. Rock on Roths!!! Personally speaking, LOVE the Brita, but not a fan of their plastic bottle; this girl much prefers her Klean Kanteen!

Show me the money? Well, we heard comments from some insiders that this year’s HTB fundraiser was the most successful ever; and that while the total tally has not yet been finalized by “the suits,” word on the street is that the Bay just got quite a few more clams!!


Contributor Tracy Metro (and yes, Metro IS her real name!) is a TV host who was eco-chic before eco and chic were even hyphenated! Wanna learn more about this eco-conut? Grab a fare card and go for a ride at

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  • Beth Terry

    It’s great to switch from bottled water to filtered tap water. But what about all those used plastic BRITA cartridges at the end of their lives.

    In Europe, they are recycled. BRITA has created a take-back recycling program. But in North America, BRITA is owned by Clorox. Clorox has not created a recycling program, but they might if enough consumers let them know that we want it!

    Please visit “Take Back The Filter” ( to sign the petition, send a message to Clorox, even send us your used filters!

    Together, we can help make a good environmental solution even better!

  • Rick

    “…Barry Gribbon of Homerun Entertainment. If you’re vying for the house on HGTV’s Green Home Giveaway, then you’re already familiar with Homerun’s amazing work…”

    What did Barry Gribbon or Homerun have to do with the HGTV Green Home? From what I can find, it was a Scripps project.