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During the Bourne Ultimatum press rounds last year, Matt Damon revealed that he was on the list for an upcoming Tesla Roadster. “Next year I’m getting a Tesla Roadster, which I’m very, very excited about,” he said “It’s an electric car, gets about 250 miles to the charge and is fast as hell! I can’t wait to get it. Driving a green car is one of the ways we can all do a little more, so I’m trying to do that.”

Well, obviously, it’s been a long wait for everyone on that list — but to ease the pain just a bit, it appears that Tesla let Damon take a prototype for a cruise out and about Studio City, CA! Steve Levy, editor of the great new site,, was sipping a coffee when the actor pulled up. Here’s a bit of his reactions: 

“The passenger jumps out to grab some coffee and I walk over and start talking to the driver. I ask if I can take some photos and he tells me to go ahead. I’m chatting away asking questions about the car, trying to figure out why he’s driving it and whether he’s press or maybe a disgruntled investor being thrown a bone—test cars haven’t exactly been offered up that easily, and actual production cars…well! I take a few shots and we keep talking. This guy’s raving about the car, telling me it’s a prototype, how unbelievably quick it is, super friendly and open. Still, I’m thinking to myself who is this guy? Then it drops about three or four minutes in—that’s Matt Damon! Cool! So what does he think?”

Jump over to the site to get Matt’s reactions from his test drive of the Tesla. Needless to say, he’s impressed — and when pressed as to whether he was going to get one sheepishly responded, “Yeah, I guess so…” 

Additional photos of Damon cruising in his Tesla below:

[Photos used with permission from AutoFiends]


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  • Tom C Gray

    Another greenwashed Hollywood “personality” lines up to con the gullible public into believing that a
    $35,000 sports car that can’t get to Vegas (or most anywhere else) and back
    is somehow a viable alternative to the gas powered car and should cost $100,000. Even at $20 per gallon gasoline, the Tesla makes no sense – the batteries cost a small fortune and last
    less than the auto loan, which is humungous. Why don’t these Holywood shills display their “responsibleness” by using the $100,000 they spend on these useless toys to actually help someone who needs help with their outrageous California electric bills – thanks to some really dumb subsidies for some really dumb alternative energies, like crappy wind power, and useless electric cars like the Tesla. I’d love to debate the stupidity of their braindead environmental beliefs with these Hollywood numbskulls like George Gooney and Tom Hankerchief. Keep looking out for number One, you phonies.

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  • Get your facts Straight TC Gray

    This car is a redesigned Lotus. The gas powered Lotus goes for $45-50k, not $35k. The Tesla is much faster. It will smoke a ferrari or porsche of the line. Nevermind the range of 200miles. This is plenty for the people who can afford it. They are selling solar panels to chrage them too. This is a way to put electric on the map again. Only after Tesla announced this roadster did the Detroit decide to get back in the electric game with the Volt etc. The technology developed here will find it’s way into all sorts of greener and more affordable cars in the next few years.

  • Jennae Petersen

    Every time a celebrity comes out for something green, whether an electric car or some other extravagance, they are accused of greenwashing. Everything in my home isn’t green, but I think it counts that I am making the effort. Yeah, most people can’t afford a $100,000 electric car, and it’s easy to say use that money to help others when it’s not your money. At least Matt Damon is one of the stars who actually does make an effort to help others. And if buying a $100,000 electric Tesla will help reduce emissions and dependence on gas, then I say go for it, Matt.

    Visit for eco-friendly home decor products, projects and tips!

  • Conrad Dunkerson

    Folks like Tom C Gray above are the reason that we need the Matt Damon’s of the world to get a little truth through the walls of nonsense.

    At ~220 miles range, 3.5 hours charging time, and 100,000 mile battery life the Tesla Roadster is the first electric car that would cover the needs of the majority of the population. Yes, the price tag is extravagant, but significant new technologies always start out that way. There was a time when automobiles in general were toys ONLY of the rich.

    Even at ‘outrageous California electric’ prices the Roadster costs less than a fifth to ‘fill up’ than gasoline would cost for the equivalent distance… and that’s if you DON’T get any sort of solar charger.

    When the Toyota Prius came out there were plenty of fools claiming it was a go-cart with no acceleration, range, or significant increase in mileage… but eventually the truth got out and now gas-electric hybrids are fast replacing all gasoline vehicles on the roads.

    It is only a matter of time before the same thing happens with electric engine vehicles. The Roadster isn’t going to be the car that makes them the norm, but it IS the car which proves that day is coming. And the more people who hear about what it can really do (as opposed to Tom’s misinformation) the sooner that day will be.

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  • jmc

    What is the point of making an electric sports car like this? Why isn’t the focus on making electric cars for everyday people? You know, the part of the population that will actually be able to make a lasting effect on the environment. There’s no point in making a gas free car if nobody can afford to drive one. The two-seater sports cars should come after the technology is mastered, no?

    • Exotics

      How stupid are you? In order to produce a low priced high volume car Tesla needs money and battery prices need to drop. With a high priced car they get the money they need to produce a more affordable car for the masses. So how is there no point in this car? There is the biggest point in this car

      How can you not even think of that?