Kids, don’t smoke pot. And don’t ever, ever smoke fake pot. This was the message presented by actors Seth Rogan and James Franco last night at the MTV Movie Awards as they promoted their new film, The Pineapple Express. Even though the two claimed the giant joint they were smoking was fake, audience members said the sweet smell wafting through the air definitely proved otherwise. Of course, MTV wasn’t taking any chances, and as soon as the two lit the joint, the network pulled back for a wide shot. I wonder if it was Tom Cruise Purple… [Read more]

The seventh annual Butterfly Ball — which helps the homeless and others find work — took place Saturday night in Los Angeles. Celebs in attendance included Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, cast members from Grey’s Anatomy, Charlie Sheen, Topher Grace, and many more. According to sources, over $1 million was raised for the organization. Pics and more after the jump. [Read more]

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller may drive a Prius, but he isn’t doing it to save the earth. “A friend of mine says the whole eco thing is just a cover story,” he said in a recent interview. “it’s not about saving the planet; it’s about saving our asses: the Earth will be fine.” [Read more] [Thanks, Laura!]

Jessica Alba, who is getting ready for the birth of her first child in June, did some last-minute green shopping at Bel Bambini in Beverly Hills last week. What’d she grab? Born Free baby bottles, a Boppy breastfeeding pillow, a Tiny Love mobile, Sage Creek organic crib sheets and organic baby clothing from Kicky Pants and Pixie Lily. Groovy. [Read more]

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