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If you’re too anxious to wait until the June 15th release date and would like a peek now, the first episode of Leonardo DiCaprio’s new series GREENSBURG for Planet Green is now available. Here’s a bit from the release,

“‘The chance to rebuild Greensburg as an eco-friendly community is a model for the communities throughout the U.S. and throughout the world,’ said executive producer Leonardo DiCaprio. Fueled by their ambitious goal to create a green community and by experts and leaders such as visionary John Picard, one of the preeminent energy, technology, telecommunications and real estate infrastructure advisors in North America and Asia, the people of Greensburg each have their own personal and compelling stories through which the overall story of the rebuilding of Greensburg will be told.”

DiCaprio also gives an introduction to the series at the beginning of the clip. [Link to video removed by request of Planet Green]

[UPDATE] The entire first episode has been pulled from Discovery’s press site. Apparently, they changed their minds about showing it off to the world. 

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  • Remy Chevalier

    [Link to video removed by request of Planet Green]??? You gotta be kidding? Must have been a link just sent out to the press for preview before air time.

  • http://Greensburg-FirstEpisodeOfDiCapriosGREENSBURGNowOnline Stephanie Ax

    Other municipalities in Kansas and city officials from Kansas were interested in seeing this footage. A shame you took it off before we even got a chance.

  • Lia

    I saw it before they pulled it, and it was an awesome video. As a teacher, I thought it was a great video for showing my students the emotional impacts of natural disasters.